Pal Danji

Have you ever randomly scrolled through your Facebook feed and seen videos of mukbangs? Mukbang, coming from the Korean words Muk (to eat) and Bang (broadcast) is a video coverage of a person or persons eating their choice of food. Basically, it’s an eating show; and I have no idea how people get that satisfying feeling watching this kind of videos, including me.

Now, for my question! Are you someone like me, who tends to crave for this certain dish after having watched it get featured in someone else’s mukbang? Being the Kpop/Kdrama fan I am, seeing mukbangs on my feed is not new, and what I came across from I-can’t-remember-when, is the famous Korean delicacy Samgyupsal.

Samgyupsal, from the Korean words Sam (3), Gyup (layer), Sal (flesh), literally means 3-layer-meat of which are the fatty layer, the pinkish meat layer, and the reddish meat layer. Samgyupsal is also commonly known as grilled pork belly. Yum! 😊

So after craving for Samgyupsal, we came across this newly opened Korean BBQ House found next to our office building. Yes, it’s in Makati! Yay to working people! Work hard, eat harder! 😊

Pal Danji, located at Eton Tower Makati 128 Dela Rosa St. corner V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati, opened its doors sometime last December. This branch is owned by Grace Lee. The restaurant offers unlimited servings of pork, chicken, and beef to satisfy your cravings. to your heart’s extent!

We went there last 31st of January to try and see how their samgyupsal tastes like and… we were not disappointed. We went there during lunch time and expected a lot of people dining. It was a full house when we arrived, and we were second in line. I guess office workers need meat for energy. 😉

The line didn’t move for about half an hour or so, of course because it’s an eat-all-you can restaurant, we had to wait. Not to mention the major cleaning of the tables and the hardest to clean, the grilling stone used for cooking the yummy meats. After finally getting seated and settled at our table, we noticed that the line was getting messy. The line was supposed to be inside of the building, not outside (walkway). Let’s please fall in line properly and not take advantage of others. ☹

So we sat for about another 10 to 15 minutes waiting for our orders. But within that span of time they served us soup, side dishes, drinks, and drum roll… Tteokbokki and cheese dip! We were so happy to see cheese and tteokbokki served; they can at least ease our hunger because we were in line for like an hour. PS: Tteokbokki is a Korean snack with rice cake and fish cake in sweet and spicy sauce.

So after eating all the tteokbokki, can you even imagine how hungry we were, haha, they eventually served our orders. Finally, meat! We opted for the Unli 488 – unlimited serving of pork, chicken and beef. 😊 They have a variety of marinade, from salt and pepper to soy and spicy. It took some time for the grill stone to heat, but afterwards the grilling went smooth. This is my forte, cooking samgyupsal. ♥

The side dishes were superb too, and you can order as much as you want because they’re in unlimited servings too. 😊 The side dishes were sweet cucumber with carrots, sweet potato, kimchi, yellow radish, plus the tteokbokki and the cheese dip itself. If you want to rid of the umay, eat the side dishes simultaneously with the meat.

Overall the dining experience was great. Our cravings were satisfied, and the food was indeed tasty. For its price I must say that we were really happy with the food served. 😊 We give this restaurant an 8/10! We also commend Kuya Fernando Lapuz for being a very attending and approachable staff. Kudos to you kuya!

Will we dine here again? Definitely! Actually I am already planning to go back and satisfy my cravings as I write this. 😀

How I eat Samgyupsal (more on how to eat samgyupsal for your money’s worth, how to maximize the unlimited dining experience)

I suggest you feed yourself with meat first, literally eat meat only. When you get that umay feeling, or the feeling of getting fed up with the taste or food you’re eating, you can try the side dishes to cleanse your palate. Once you’re ready again, dig in! You can add some of the side dishes in the lettuce wrap to make it more even tasty.

When you feel like you’re about to feel full, this is optional, eat meat with rice. 😉

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