Food Brings Comfort: Sumo Niku Dining

After getting tired and brokenhearted during our trip to Ayala Malls Manila Bay last Saturday, we opted for Korean barbeque right away, changing our minds from originally eating at KFC to suddenly craving for samgyupsal – even if it was a given for us to eat samgyupsal whenever we meet. 😊

But my friends suggested to try Sumo Niku, a Japanese unlimited barbeque restaurant located at SM City San Lazaro. We hesitated at first, since my other friend was reluctant to try and taste Japanese sauces. But after checking their menu, we decided to give it a go. 😊

The restaurant chain was new. I stumbled upon a few branches after giving it a search on the internet though – SM North Edsa North Towers, MOA, SM City Pampanga, Glorietta 4, Marquee Mall Parañaque.

Yellow ♥

The number of orders you can have depends on the number of people dining. Since there were three of us, we were told to go with 6 orders at a time – 6 meat variations and 6 side dishes. There is also a 3-hour time limit and additional payment for softdrinks. 😊

Both affordable and yummy! ♥

I’m not really a picky eater, so I told my friends to order whatever. I decided to just do the cooking and the eating because I was already hungry. I was basically just fixated on putting the meat they ordered and have them grilled before they go into my mouth! 😊

To describe our first dining experience in Sumo Niku, we were a bit pissed off at first. Maybe because the restaurant was short-handed, despite being an eat-all-you-can where people would usually order countless times, the serving was a bit slow, most especially when we ordered side dishes. We’re a bunch of patient people when it comes to ordering but maybe we were just really hungry at that time because we came from a faraway place? 😊

We tried almost all kinds of meat the restaurant has to offer, but since I wasn’t really paying attention on what meat I was eating, I’m not so sure which is which already. But one thing I’m sure of is the marinated meats are delicious. Your taste buds will surely be able to catch those mouthwatering flavors of sweet, spicy and salty marinades… which will make you want to drink water if you consume too much at a time. So, I suggest you try the less tasty ones first before indulging yourself with the marinated ones! 😉

The meats were served frozen too, so it will take some time to cook, most especially the chicken meat. They were cut thickly so I had to put extra effort in cooking them. It has become a habit to cook and cut for the people I eat with, so after having the chicken cooked well, I cut them into small chunks and let them stay a little longer in the griller, just to make sure they stay heated. It’s a wonderful feeling eating warm meat, I tell yah! 😊

As for the pork and beef meats, they cook quicker than the chicken meat. I personally prefer pork and beef but chicken is good too, especially when I realized that surprisingly they’re tender to eat too after getting grilled. I got used to chicken breasts getting fried at home and turning out too chewy when I was a kid. 😊

The side dishes were okay too, except the mozzarella cheese dip? We didn’t really like how it tasted. Actually it tasted kind of sour to me. But other than that, the rest I will be giving a thumbs up! 😊

Meat ♥o♥

To sum it up, it was a good dining experience, except the waiting time. But I think it’s a common problem or should I say a common trait that should be present when eating in buffets. So maybe we should just extend our patience and wait to eat something delicious? 😊

Thank you to my friends who never fail to… eat with me! To more dining adventures with you two! ♥

Thank you ahgassi and Ricky for always dining with me! £2

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