Dalgona Coffee, with a Twist…?

You’ve probably heard of or seen the famous drink that’s been taking over the internet, especially now that people are confined into their houses, missing the sweet taste of milk teas, frappes and other refreshing beverages. As I have read from some articles, this trending drink debuted on TikTok, with I don’t really know how because I don’t have a TikTok account. 😀

Dalgona or commonly known as ppopgi in Korea, is a famous traditional candy made from the mixture of melted sugar and baking soda. They come in adorable designs and shapes, but what’s more amazing is to watch how they are being made, or cooked, I should say. 😊

I once came across a variety show, EXO Showtime, where the Korean members toured the Chinese members around the traditional villages of Korea. The attention of the members was caught by the hal-abeoji (grandfather in Korean) who was making dalgonas in the street. Wondering how the delightful treat was made, they carefully watched how the candies were cooked from being a mild thick mixture into becoming the yummy candy on stick.

You literally have to keep mixing the sugar and baking soda in the small container over the heat to get the right texture before finally transferring it on a flat surface for decoration and wrapping.

Photo Not Mine CTTO
Photo Not Mine CTTO

After giving you an idea of what the actual dalgona is… Dalgona Coffee, anyone? 😊

Honestly speaking, I have no idea why they called this drink Dalgona Coffee, maybe because the primary medium is sugar? 😀

But people seemed to miss the taste of sweet beverages and came upon this easy recipe online. This is how a Dalgona Coffee should look like, with the so-called dalgona mixture floating on top of the milk.

Photo By Erika Dizon, originally from

I’m not a coffee person, with even a little dosage of coffee making me palpitate, although I love its aroma. So, I thought of trying to make Dalgona Coffee, I mean, the Dalgona beverage using a different ingredient and what I came up with is using Swiss Miss as the medium, instead of coffee.


2 Tablespoon chocolate powder / coffee is the original ingredient

2 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoon hot water

1 Glass of milk (your choice)

The key to make the mixture float is to whip or beat the mixture hard. Consistent mixing is needed to make it fluffy and light, in order for it to float, like how it should be. 😊

I tried mixing continuously, for like 30-40 minutes using a fork, but my hands grew tired and being the impatient person I am, I gave up. So it ended up like this.

Flop 😦

I’m actually down for the fluffy thing since I like whipped creams on top of my chocolate drinks. But the moment I put the mixture into the milk, it literally went dooooooown, and it had me laughing at myself. Maybe next time I’ll try using a mixer, if there will be a next time, and maybe a mixer. 😊

I know we’re all getting bored and stuffy inside our houses, so if you feel like refreshing yourself up with some sweetness, you can always try making Dalgona Coffee, or experiment your own drink. 😉

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