Kawit’s Fight Against Covid19

As the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus continues, local government officials are stepping up. For our Mayor Angelo G. Aguinaldo of Kawit in the province of Cavite, the great-grandson of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, it never hurts to be one step ahead. He pledged to donate his entire monthly salary to COVID-19 relief operations until the pandemic ends. He is donating his earnings to help provide adequate food to all residents of the municipality. This makes me proud to be a citizen of Kawit.

Let me give you a glimpse of our LGU’s efforts in fighting covid.

As early as Community Quarantine was declared, Kawit has already closed its borders to its neighboring cities to ensure that the disease will not spread in the municipality. Disinfection chambers have been installed in the entry and exit points of the town.

It has also been installed in our town’s Public Market.

Strict implementation of the enhanced community quarantine is observed. The LGU also provided each household relief goods on a weekly basis – delivered house to house by the hardworking Barangay Officials of Kawit. So far, we already received three packs since the March 15. And when the mayor said, every household, he means every household! From the underprivileged, middle class, and even those who are living in the first class subdivisions.

Our town Kawit is very vulnerable with the spread of Covid19. Because it is the first town from Manila , which is the epicenter of Covid19 in the Philippines, and as well as being surrounded by municipalities of Cavite which has positive cases. Hence the LGU has implemented strict preventive measures to ensure control of the spread of the pandemic.

Aside from the daily efforts our LGU has been providing in ensuring safety in the community, our mayor also gives a transparent update on his Facebook account on what is happening in our community.

Some local establishments joined the fight against covid by donating face masks, alcohols, sanitizers , sacks of rice, canned goods, noodles and packed meals to the frontliners and volunteers.

Our family on the other hand decided to create DIY PPEs for the frontliners. We also cooked packed meals and prepared sandwiches.

Sadly, just yesterday, in spite of the tireless effort of our LGU – our Mayor, other local officials and frontliners, it was announced that our town has it’s first confirmed Covid19 positive case.

The LGU is now doing contract tracing and other actions have been taken following the report on the first positive patient.

All photos were grabbed from Mayor Angelo Aguinaldo’s Facebook Page.


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