Great Escape: Escape and Survive

Amidst this ongoing pandemic happening globally, people may suffer from overthinking and anxiety which could later lead to sickness and loss of interest in life. “Laughter is the best medicine,” they say, but in times like this, I myself, can find it difficult to laugh. Witnessing all that is happening, it truly pains one’s heart. L

Being a sensitive person, I easily get affected by my surroundings, especially if it concerns safety and stability, because we all want to survive, at least. People try to distract themselves by doing fun stuff like for me, I went back to watching Korean dramas ever since the lockdown was implemented. You know, just a simple way to divert the tense feeling and avoid thinking of the bad stuff. I recently indulged myself with medical dramas which really set my drama standards high. Talk about equipment and prosthetic! The last drama I watched was D-Day, but the one that got me stoked the most was Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. ♥

After looking for new dramas to watch, none of them seemed to catch my attention. I tried watching When the Camellia Blooms and Hi, Bye Mama, but they both felt boring to me, or maybe the phasing was too slow? I was supposed to start watching 100 Days My Prince when I randomly caught up with Nicole (a close dongsaeng of mine who’s been a Kpop fan for so long now) through Twitter. We talked about Busted season 3 and how we’re both excited for the broadcast this coming November. I also told her how I missed watching it and laughing like crazy that she ended up recommending this certain show to me she thought I might like and… poof, I was automatically hooked!

Are you a fan of escape rooms? 😉

Great Escape or 대탈출 (Dae Tal Chul) is a South Korean reality entertainment show being aired at tvN featuring Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jong Min, Shin Dong, Yoo Byung Jae, Kim Dong Hyun, and P.O.

From the title itself, it’s pretty obvious what the show is about – escaping!

Escape and survive.

The show currently has 3 seasons, and its 3rd season is currently being aired Sundays on tvN at 10:40PM.

Season 1 – July 1 to September 23, 2018

Season 2 – March 17 to June 9, 2019

Season 3 – March 1, 2020 – ongoing

What’s with Great Escape?

Last year I was able to experience playing escape rooms, hello Breakout Manila, and the maximum number of rooms at the venue was I think 3? Not to mention that the rooms were particularly small after being divided into different rooms per concept. I was able to enter 3 out of 4 rooms with pure enthusiasm and passion, all thanks to our supportive managers! But I wasn’t able to escape though. 😀

I swear you really have to use your head and think when playing this game, not only in terms of solving and finding crucial evidence, but also putting the clues together. You have to be observant and clever because, like what Kang Ho Dong says, “Everything is a clue.”

Great Escape is not just a typical escape room show; you don’t just escape from rooms, you escape the whole establishment. Talk about level up, right? How fun could it be being locked up in a whole building or house and escaping it with no time limit? They have to keep filming until they escape, that’s the rule of the show. Haha! They were locked inside for like 8-10 hours and it was really exciting to watch.

The first episode of season 1 was a gambling site setup. The location was a 2-storey building with a storage room, secret room, office, gambling area, and an expanded warehouse at the back. I thought it would all end at the ground floor, but I thought wrong. 😀


What makes each episode exciting are the different plots and stories that were prepared. Ranging from zombies, evil spirits, prison break, hospital scenes and the list just goes on, you would have an idea on what the next episode is about during the preview. It spoils and gives viewers the anticipation to look forward to the next concept, as well as the strategies used to escape because believe me or not, sometimes they solve clues just by pure luck and coincidence. Well, I think we all do, at some point in life. 😉

Production Team

I have nothing but praise for the production team that worked hard to achieve such realistic and immersing environment. They arranged everything so neatly well that you’d literally drop your jaw out of surprise and awe. It may not seem realistic to the viewers since we’re watching them on the screen but imagine being there, standing in their feet, having no idea how the escape would go or if they would even be able to escape at all. 😀

Having experienced playing the game itself, there’s this process at the beginning where they assist you entering the room with blindfolds on and after removing them you see yourself in an unfamiliar place – this process will raise your curiosity and promote immersion in the game. Thus, I strongly believe that room arrangement and preparation play a BIG role for the show’s success. I give the team all the praise they deserve for a job well done! I couldn’t help but commend them, seriously.


From hologram, visual and audio effects, descending and ascending platforms, secret passages, the additional helping characters who made the setting more realistic (zombies and mental hospital patients), everyone just did a job well done. They acted so well you’d freak out and immerse in the stories you’re in. They were all remarkable I feel so proud of them. I was really impressed I kept clapping and cheering while watching them. \^o^/


As for the cast, /facepalm while laughing/, I sort of wanted to thank them. They really, really, really made this pandemic sadness lighter and easier for me. Like, just the thought of them being trapped in one room or getting scared out of nothing… makes me smile and shake my head.

Kang Ho Dong, the leader of the team since he’s the eldest and bravest. He unites team members and helps them develop their skills. Like for Dong Hyun, he kept asking him to take lead because he wanted him to regain his courage. Kudos for the strongest man who force open cabinets!

Kim Jong Min, also known as Kim Discovery because he solves and finds clues by chance, by mere discovery. I love this guy. Just seeing him smiling makes me smile and laugh a little. He deserves all the love! ♥

Shin Dong, the brains of the team who solves difficult puzzles and patterns. I was surprised to see how clever he was and it was also mentioned he has an IQ of 148. Wow.

Yoo Byung Jae, the briefer and also brains of the team who actively summarizes the clues they’ve gathered. He’s the guy with initiative that he’d do things even before the team asks him to.

Kim Dong Hyun, the funniest I guess? Ever since he started filming for this show he became more and more sensitive. He’s actually brave, he just gets easily surprised because seriously, this show’s setup gaming is lit. They took it to another level.

P.O, the youngest one who clings to his team and discovers clues by accident as well. He listens to his hyungs well and do what he’s told, especially during the evil prison episode where he had to muster all his courage and face the scary stuff. He has keen senses too. ♥

Personally, I think the team is well balanced. Dream team! But what’s more special about them is chemistry. They’re all considerate with one another, they look after each other, they all have good sense of humor, and most of all, they have teamwork. They know how to attack the other, without offending them. 🙂

Presently, the show is airing its third season and is currently at episode 8. I took a sneak peek and saw that they were at an amusement park. TT

I’m currently at season 2 episode 11 and I can’t wait to proceed watching until the latest episode. But after checking, episodes 7-9 of season 3 aren’t subbed yet and I guess I’ll have to watch with my nose bleeding and head aching from comprehending the small amount of Korean words I know. :/

I recommend this show to escape room fans, or if you just want to laugh and think a little, go ahead and watch at your own risk! 😀

Bonus! ♥

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