Demon Slayer Mugen Train Review: Keep Your Heart Burning, Grit Your Teeth and Move Forward

Kon’nichiwa, genki desu ka? ^^

In an attempt to write a short review, alostdandelion is back to talk about the well-received and loved anime Blade of Demon Destruction (Kimetsu no Yaiba) or Demon Slayer for short. When you hear of this anime, does Nezuko automatically pop up in your mind? Because even back when I still haven’t watched this, my answer would be YES. I believe that Nezuko is like the face of this anime and… Nezuko-chan kawaiine! ♥

I’ve actually heard of Demon Slayer before, and seeing a number of posts online made me think that this anime was big. Too bad I didn’t have the interest to watch anime back then, I could’ve joined the hype. 😦 but it’s better late than never right?

So, exactly how did I end up watching this series?

I have this friend whom I ended up going to the mall with because she wanted to buy a Demon Slayer merchandise shirt from UNIQLO. Surprisingly after seeing the designs, I found myself buying one for myself too. Funny as it seemed, since I had no idea about this anime, my friend shrugged it off and smiled at me. And her simple words “You should try watching it too,” had successfully convinced me. To my dearest Jira, thank you for telling me to watch it. And just to let you know, I cried my heart out watching the movie last night. :’)

For the UNIQLO merchandise shirts please see Demon Slayer Philippines’ post:

Link: https://www.facebook.com/demonslayer.philippines/posts/160778436190327

My goal is to make this review short so I’m going to talk more about the movie after giving an idea of what this series is about.

Demon Slayer, from the title itself, is an anime about a group of talented and strictly-trained swordsmen who vow to protect mankind from flesh-eating and blood-drinking demons. The story mainly focuses on Tanjiro Kamado whose whole family was slaughtered by the strongest demon alive, Muzan Kibutsuji. In great relief, one of his siblings survived, Nezuko Kamado, who unfortunately transformed into a demon after making it alive.

The turning point here was when the two siblings were met by Giyu Tomioka, a hashira or high-ranking demon slayer. Giyu’s intention was to get rid of Nezuko but witnessing how she protected her brother led him to a conclusion that these two siblings’ situation could be different. He eventually set them free and instructed Tanjiro to find someone. With Giyu’s recommendation, Tanjiro trained for 2 years under Sakonji’s strict supervision and successfully became a demon slayer himself. Filled with determination and passion, Tanjiro fought demons alongside his sister and protected mankind, bearing within him his goal of finding a cure to turn Nezuko back to human.

The movie started from where the series left off, with Tanjiro and his fellow demon slayer friends Zenitsu and Inosuke being assigned to hunt a demon down at Mugen Train. They happened to meet flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku sitting inside the carriage and realized that they were sent there to assist him. The group encountered two demons and successfully defeated them, but little did they know that there was another demon waiting to attack them.

The group fell asleep under a spell casted by lower rank demon Enmu who at the same time had instructed four people to enter their dreams and kill them. In Tanjiro’s unconscious area, the boy appointed to kill him had successfully found his core spirit but instead of destroying it, he was moved by the ambiance that he fell to his knees in tears and guilt.

Tanjiro was able to wake up from his dream with the help of Nezuko and his late father, seeing his friends still asleep with strangers bound to them by rope. He immediately asked his sister to help and ended up attacking three of the four people who ambushed them. He left the last boy unharmed, knowing that he was ill and did not want to fight.

Understanding that only he could fight at the moment, Tanjiro made his way to the top of the train where he found lower rank demon Enmu waiting to meet him. It was not long before Tanjiro could successfully slash his neck but only to know that Enmu had already merged his body with the moving locomotive. Tanjiro knew the passengers’ safety had been jeopardized and could only think of his sister Nezuko to help him. Running through the roof, he yelled to call her when Inosuke suddenly showed up which made him somewhat happy and encouraged.

The two, along with Nezuko, worked their ass off cutting the countless veins that grew to prevent them from attaching to the people who were sleeping. It was tiring for them and they knew it wasn’t the solution. That’s when Kyojuro entered the scene and instructed Tanjiro to locate the demon’s neck with Inosuke.

Tanjiro met with Inosuke at the roof and both hurriedly ran towards the train’s main engine where they found the demon’s neck. Finding it was easy, but cutting it took great effort and strategy as Enmu fought back and defended his life simultaneously. After continuous trying and attacking, Tanjiro was finally able to slash the demon’s neck using his special technique Hinokami Kagura. They defeated the lower rank demon which also caused the train to derail and fall to the side of the tracks.

Tanjiro ended up lying on the ground, wanting to get up and help rescue people despite his injury. Not long, Kyojuro checked on him and taught him a way to stop the bleeding in his stomach. It was then when they sensed a strong demon, Akaza, who turned out to be Upper Rank 3. He immediately attacked the injured Tanjiro to which Kyojuro countered using his sword. The demon was rather chatty and kept telling Kyojuro to become one of them because he suited it.

Kyojuro instructed Tanjiro and Inosuke to stay and not interfere before proceeding to fight with Akaza. But even if they wanted to help, one was injured, and the other thought that he would die if he stepped in. They watched the fiery battle between human and demon, both unleashing several skills to attack the other. Eventually, Kyojuro was able to cut through Akaza’s upper torso but at the same time felt the demon’s arms pierced through his body. Despite the condition he was in, he remembered his mother and continued to fight. Kyojuro raised his sword and cut the demon’s neck, but knowing he could barely make it, he decided to hold Akaza down and wait for the sun to rise and burn him.

Akaza realized Kyojuro’s intention and immediately fled into the forest with Tanjiro throwing his sword at him. The demon managed to escape, leaving Tanjiro and Inosuke heartbroken and crying over Kyojuro.

Why did I write about this movie?

This movie left such a strong feeling and impression to me. I watched the series last Saturday, the movie just last night and it still seemed so fresh. Maybe not the details, but the pain I felt in my heart. Most scenes made me cry since they involed family, sacrifice, and acceptance. For an empathetic person like me, it’s not new to have myself cry over their acts of selfless love, I cry at the simplest things.

Another thing was about Zenitsu, I remember crying over his story too. He wasn’t really that outstanding, and his grandpa knew that very well. Instead of pushing him to learn all forms / techniques, he advised him to study even just one… and to master it. It may be funny to some how he could only use one form but the message of acceptance and understanding here resonated so well it made me cry. Salute to you, grandpa, and to Zenitsu for mastering the first form of thunder breathing!

Of course Nezuko and Tanjiro’s story made me cry too, especially when Nezuko shed tears as she attacked her brother. It was a battle between her human and demon self, to survive or to save. I love these two siblings, actually wish I have a brother to look after me as well. 🙂

So in conclusion, I wrote about Demon Slayer because it softened my heart and at the same time made it strong and hopeful. Just like how Tanjiro’s personification moved that boy inside his unconscious area, and how Sabito and Makomo encouraged Tanjiro. I received the message well. 🙂

Other Bits to Love

This scene broke my heart. Not only did I cry here… I bawled my eyes out I wonder if the other tenants heard me. 😥

What’s a beautiful piece without quotable quotes? 🙂

I specifically love the “keep your heart burning” part, it conveys a lot of message depending on how you translate and understand it. Oh and yes, I cried at this part. ><
We don’t cry to solve, Inosuke. We cry to release. And it’s alright.
Your efforts and sacrifice have been recognized, Kyojuro. You were amazing. So rest well and be bappy with your mother up there. :’)
Giyu Tomioka. My love. Lol sorry. Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for this guy’s understanding and observation, the story could have ended at episode 1. He could have just killed Nezuko. Well done, Giyu! I’m excited to see more of you. :’)
It’s painful to witness a comrade pass away, especially if you could have done something to prevent it. But you were injured, Tanjiro, and that demon was far powerful. 😦

So that sums up my review for Demon Slayer series and movie. I’m not sure if I succeeded and wrote only a short review but who cares? :))I

Do I recommend this anime? HECK YES. It’s definitely worth your time and feelings. I actually finished the series in a day’s time because I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next. >< I’m hoping to see more of this in the future and gladly share how it shapes me as a person. ❤

“Keep growing.”

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