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Intense Love 韫色过浓 Review: Sweet Together ♥

Hello! I sincerely hope and pray that you’re all doing good, living healthy, and are safe despite this ongoing pandemic. It’s surely a pain in the heart to see all the changes happening and people adjusting to the new normal. I’m sure we’ll get through this, so long as we have faith and discipline. ^^

After almost two months of not posting anything, I’m back again and ready to share my thoughts on the second Chinese drama I had in my line-up, as recommended by my dongsaeng Ruthleen, Intense Love or韫色过浓. I watched this last July, and I know, it’s long-overdue. Actually, the thought of not watching this drama came to my mind, since, according to my dongsaeng, it’s just a simple light romantic comedy drama that’s full of lovey-dovey acts. I’ve considered not watching this after peeking into one of the episodes but I ended up watching it anyway. ^^

Intense Love is your typical drama with a dose of cuteness all thanks to the lead female character Su Jin Bei (Zhang Yu Xi). Su Jin Bei was a famous actress-model who had good reputation because of her professionalism, work ethics, and of course, her skills. But even as a public figure expected to act composed and cool, Jin Bei also had her cute and clumsy side in her, which was later revealed in the drama series. Jin Bei got involved in a car accident protecting rookie artist Xu Jia Wei (Shi Ming Ze) and was rushed to the hospital emergency room where her eyes slightly opened, vaguely seeing a medical staff wearing a face mask waving his hand to check her consciousness. She woke up the next morning after undergoing minor surgery, only to remember a kissing scene with the doctor who was on night duty, mistaking that he had harassed her. She reported this matter to her manager Wu Di (Wu Yang), who came barging into the head doctor’s office, blaming an innocent doctor, Xiao Yuan Song (Julio Wan Yan).

While Wu Di was out discussing matters with the head doctor, another doctor came into Jin Bei’s room to check on her. She was intently looking at him, with her memories before and after the surgery suddenly coming back to her. She had recognized him to be the doctor she shared a kiss with last night, but she chose to remain silent and observe him. Being the superstar she knew she was, she expected the doctor to make moves on her, or to show extra affection towards her, which he did otherwise. The doctor finished Jin Bei’s checkup and was about to leave when she called his attention, asking if it was him whom she kissed with last night. The doctor came to a stop, and without facing her, he explained that it was the anesthesia’s side effect which had caused her to do such act. Jin Bei was left inside her room talking to herself when she received a call from her mother, asking if she had met her fiancé who was working in the same hospital she was admitted at. Jin Bei came to a pause after recalling the name of her fiancé, claiming that it sounded familiar. She quickly turned around to look for her attending physician’s name, which was, yes, the same name as her fiancé’s – Zhou Shi Yun (Ryan Ding Yu Xi).

From that moment on, Jin Bei schemed to win over Shi Yun’s heart and later dump him when he’s completely fallen in love with her. It was a revenge for not acting like how a fiancé should be, although she really didn’t put at heart that playful fixed marriage promised by their mothers. 🙂

It was a roller coaster ride with how Jin Bei’s warmth and cuteness melted the cold heart and reserved personality of Shi Yun. ♥

My Thoughts?

Intense Love was a good watch. It gave a light feeling which suited my current standard for watching series / dramas. Because of this pandemic, I started to seek for romantic comedy themed series and I’m so glad that this one’s exactly like how my dongsaeng described it – all lovey-dovey and simple – which was actually good for my heart. Good thing I went with watching this one! ♥

What I liked about the series?

Okay to be honest with you guys, I actually watched this because of the lead actor – Ryan Ding. I came across an uploaded video on Facebook (wow I have plenty of time!) of his recent series The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and right away liked him. *w* He’s good-looking, okay? Who wouldn’t want to watch a series with such handsome face? XD

Okay, kidding aside, there is one point in the story which I came to appreciate one to two weeks after watching. I know, it hit me really late.

This point was something I used to practice. I’m saying used to because I’m not really sure if I’m still doing it now although I still firmly believe in it. Ever heard of the saying “Turn the other cheek”? I’m not sure as to why, but this message was the best I could receive from watching Intense Love.

Why? 🙂 I didn’t want to give the whole story away but I’m going to share this part where the message resonated most to me.

Su Jin Bei was friends with her junior actress and co-star Gao Zi Tong (Zhang Yao). Since Jin Bei was the limelight of every scene, with production crews treating her fondly and favoring her, Zi Tong felt inferior towards her. Zi Tong started to somehow resent Jin Bei despite the kindness and understanding that Jin Bei had shown her. It even got worse when Zi Tong witnessed how the guy she liked confessed his feelings for Jin Bei and got rejected. Her resentment grew to a point where she plotted schemes against Jin Bei that later on ruined her career and turned the tables around.

Zi Tong finally got the fame and respect she had always yearned for but she still didn’t stop and crossed the line further. She recommended Jin Bei to be casted in the movie she was making, convincing the production team to let her join. Jin Bei, who was currently in a career slump, did not hesitate to accept the offer. She went to the filming site with Wu Di who had to leave her to take care of other agency matters. Zi Tong and Jin Bei got into a verbal argument before filming, with infuriated Zi Tong pressuring the director to change the script on the spot. The director initially declined her request, but Jin Bei entered the scene and straight-out agreed with what she wanted.

They started to film following Zi Tong’s improvised script, with Zi Tong almost injuring Jin Bei’s arm because of excessive force. A loud yell was then heard which halted the filming, with the major sponsor of the movie stepping in, asking Zi Tong to let go of Jin Bei. He announced to the whole production team that Jin Bei would be taking the lead role, and that Zi Tong would be excluded from the project. It turned out that Jin Bei knew the major sponsor, whom she thanked wholeheartedly. He smiled at Jin Bei while shaking his head, telling her that it was not him who was silently looking after her, and that he only stepped in because someone asked him to.

Jin Bei then came running outside of the filming site, seeing that someone waiting under the rain. Just then she realized that she was being looked after at, that she was important. That person came meddling into Jin Bei’s affair not only because she was already being mistreated, she was aggrieved without even doing anything wrong. Despite all the bad things that Zi Tong had done to her, she chose to let her off the hook, she chose to turn the other cheek while trying to understand Zi Tong’s feelings. She actually even chased after Zi Tong, after knowing that she had left the filming site.

And this right here was where it hit me. That maybe people hurt other people because they, themselves, are hurt too; that they only needed comfort in order to lessen the pain they are feeling. I told myself that day, “Intense Love isn’t just about being clingy and giddy, it’s also about being kind and turning the other cheek. It’s about being a decent human being.”

I was happy to recall this feeling, because at one point in my life, I learned to apply this too. I learned to turn the other cheek; I let people mock me, not giving too much attention to what they say to me, I let them. And the result? It turned out to be unexpectedly good. :’)

At the last part of the series, Shi Yun’s words also made me realize about how little time we may have. The volume of Shi Yun’s line, “I don’t want to waste time anymore” serves as a reminder for us to check in on those we truly care for. You love someone? Don’t just tell them, show them, make them feel you love them. And from then on, I started to slowly reach out and connect with those people I cherish, while I still have time, while we still have time. As of this writing, we came across a lot of misfortunes and passing that have occurred which left my heart somehow aching for the friends and loved ones of those people. 😥

Sadness aside, one more thing that I liked about this series is of course, the soundtrack. They don’t have it on Spotify so I had to download them elsewhere for me to listen to the songs because they’re lovely. My favorite is When Love Comes 爱情来临的时候.

“Can’t stop loving you, lucky to have met you

Fall in love with me, sweet together

Every minute every second, every moment

Love is present in our hearts

Each day with you is worth remembering”

Lastly, the side stories! Chinese dramas have a thing for cute side stories. We have, I think, two? I’m not going to elaborate much about these two couples but they did make me smile and feel all giddy. I’m rooting for the second couple, the gamer couple! 😀

If you’re looking for a cute and light series to watch, you can go and check this one out. It’s true that there’s not much twists and revelations to it but if you want to laugh and feel giddy cute, you can try this one and I guarantee, you’ll learn to love our dear Su Jin Bei. ♥

♥ “Turn the other cheek.”

Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 Review: Dreams Don’t Shine, What Shines are People Who Dream

July 16th, 2020 – it’s been four months since COVID swamped the country with still increasing cases every day. With Metro Manila now under GCQ, let me just ask, how have you been? Well whatever your situation, I am hoping for your safety and wellbeing. May you and your family be always safe and free from any sickness!

Having a reduced work schedule and feeling all tired and stressed because of news that never fail to surprise us, I kept myself busy and distracted by, as usual, watching Korean dramas until I ran out of supply. I choose what I watch and found Mystic Pop-up Bar somewhat interesting, well, to my liking. But at that time it was ongoing and I had to wait for new episodes to watch. 😦

I have this dongsaeng (younger sibling in Korean), Ruthleen, whom I’ve known for 10 years already and who’s very close to my heart. ♥ I was actually scrolling through my Facebook news feed when I saw a short clip of a Chinese drama. I must admit, the lead actor’s visual caught my attention, not to mention his height. 😀 so I sent a message to my dongsaeng, knowing she’s currently in to Chinese series. She recommended 3 series and one of which had that good-looking guy as the lead. :”> His name is Ryan Ding Yu Xi by the way! ^^

The first one she recommended to me was Skate Into Love. It was very dear to her, it was her most favorite Chinese drama. Second, Intense Love, where Ryan Ding (my baby) was the lead actor. Third, A Little Thing Called First Love, starring Lai Kuan Lin. ♥

So these were the 3 Chinese dramas she suggested, and me, being an obedient unnie (older sister), abided by her sequence. 😉

First on my plate was Skate Into Love, basically the subject of this write-up. 🙂

At first, I was actually hesitant to watch this. My mind was like… I’m not really a fan of ice sports – ice hockey, figure skating, and short track speed skating… the story revolved around the protagonists’ college lives which included these sports which were also their majors. It didn’t hurt to try, I affirmed and so I went and watched the first episode. The next thing I knew, I was already binge-watching. > <

My Thoughts?

Skate Into Love was about young passionate college students chasing their dreams. Well, except for Tang Xue (Janice Wu) who was forced to take Veterinary Medicine as her course. She was once an athlete, a member of her school’s short track speed skating club until an accident during a competition which made her choose to give up.

Years after, she entered college with her best friends Liao Zhen Yu (Qin Tian Yu) and Xia Meng Huan (He Xuan Lin). There, he met her childhood deskmate, Li Yu Bing (Steven Zhang), who was labelled Bing Shen or Ice God in their university. He was well-known for his good looks and of course, his playing and game skills as the leader of the university’s Ice Hockey team.

From that point onward, Tang Xue slowly opened her eyes and came to a realization of what she really wanted for herself. Seeing Li Yu Bing passionately play in the ice rink knocked her senses and made her want to chase her own dream. But of course, it wasn’t easy at all. She needed support and boosting, she also had her parents to worry about. But her friends cheered for her, they helped pave the way in achieving what she once thought was impossible – to get back on ice.

What I liked about the series?

I did it on purpose, not giving away all the good and heartwarming stuff because maybe a part me was hoping you would try and watch it too? 🙂 There’s just a bunch of things that I came to like while watching Skate Into Love. Sooo~

First off, the actors. They really wowed me. I was in awe watching every scene on ice with the thought “was it really them?” hanging in my mind and remained unanswered until I finished all the episodes and went hunting for behind the scenes. I would describe their acting as natural. It’s like you’re a college student casually walking past by them, seeing them, hearing them – just like how college students typically were. Steven and Janice did a really good job on this one. Their words and actions pierced right through my heart. 😥

Steven on the other hand, held a college diploma for Chinese Opera which, according to my dongsaeng, was the reason why the way he acted seemed so professional and natural. Like in this scene, look at how his facial expression progressed. Bonus: he sings and plays the piano well too!

Usually, Chinese dramas are dubbed to improve noise cancellation and proper standard pronunciation (Mandarin). Sometimes the actor would dub himself, sometimes not. But for this one, they used their own voices. There were scenes in particular where even their voice acting exceeded expectations. You know that sense of feeling the person’s anger, sadness, and pain whilst listening to their voice as they spoke? I felt that and it felt real. Ang sakit.

I have nothing but praises to give the actors who made this series a success. Not to mention the months of training they underwent to make the scenes breathtakingly real. /claps/

Second, the story and side stories. Being a romance comedy, like any other series out there, it gives the same giddy feels to the viewers. But the first episodes of Skate Into Love focused more on the characters’ lives which meant their dreams and their professions, something to be taken seriously of since it’s about their future. The story actually emphasized more on each character’s struggles, pain, fears, and passion more than the love story itself.

The romantic part gradually appeared somewhere at the middle, with a normal progress I should say. I’m not sure if this may seem unrealistic to some but the message conveyed, or the message I received rather, spoke of selfless love. The way the story developed and adding how the actors portrayed the roles somehow met with my idea of selfless love; especially with Zhen Yu and Meng Huan’s love story. :’) The guy was continuously giving and exerting effort as a way to show his love and it was very moving for me. Oh and not only did the students have love interests, but the coaches as well. ♥

Third, the story also focused on family and friendship. I think it’s quite normal for families to have arguments and disagreements, right? In this series, Tang Xue and her cousin Zhou Ran (Chu Yue) attended the same university. Zhou Ran disliked Tang Xue for always stealing the limelight during their childhood, thus, making her college life somewhat troublesome. Tang Xue had a close relationship with her parents, until she kept something really important from them. We all make mistakes, and Tang Xue made one mistake which made her father furious to the extent that he had to travel from their hometown down to where Tang Xue attended college.

This part showed the fears and worries parents have for their children. At first we get to only see one point to be considered, and that was me siding with Tang Xue, until I heard what her father had to say. Believe me, I bawled my eyes crying at this part because her father only wanted what’s best and safe for her.

Tang Xue and Li Yu Bing just have the best friends ever who would wholeheartedly look after them through ups and downs. I admire how sturdy the foundation and bond of their friendships were, and, not to mention, how it was formed. 🙂

Fourth, what’s a series without quotable quotes? 🙂 Here let me share some of  the quotes that moved me I had to screenshot and share them through this post. I may have passed that expected age where young teens strive and dream, but then I question myself, is it really too late to dream?

Last, but not the least… the soundtrack! I love the songs from this series. Some of the songs are heartbreaking, like when you hear it, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, it will bring sadness into your heart. 😦

My personal favorite are Steven’s A Ray of Hope because of the song’s meaning which actually tells you to go for your dream. I liked the song too because Steven’s voice was so rich and powerful, as expected from an opera actor. *o* and hearing him singing made me want to sing too, like sing well and correctly, not just casually sing. 🙂

Another favorite is Land of Ice and Snow, performed by none other than one of the story’s actress, He Xuan Lin. I loved how her voice sound cold and relaxed. I also found it challenging to sing because of the curls? I don’t know what you call them but it’s progressing from one note to another in a short span of time. I’m now able to sing it well and properly, thanks to casual singing in the shower. 😀

Sorry it’s in Chinese TT

Would you re-watch? A BIG YES!

So there you have it, my review of Skate Into Love. It’s really a good watch, it’s a hidden gem. Even I didn’t expect to like it this much, to the point of writing about it and sharing to the world. You can relate with the characters and part of the stories, but I think what brings us together is the common yearning to dream.

“Make your passion your profession.”

Great Escape: Escape and Survive

Amidst this ongoing pandemic happening globally, people may suffer from overthinking and anxiety which could later lead to sickness and loss of interest in life. “Laughter is the best medicine,” they say, but in times like this, I myself, can find it difficult to laugh. Witnessing all that is happening, it truly pains one’s heart. L

Being a sensitive person, I easily get affected by my surroundings, especially if it concerns safety and stability, because we all want to survive, at least. People try to distract themselves by doing fun stuff like for me, I went back to watching Korean dramas ever since the lockdown was implemented. You know, just a simple way to divert the tense feeling and avoid thinking of the bad stuff. I recently indulged myself with medical dramas which really set my drama standards high. Talk about equipment and prosthetic! The last drama I watched was D-Day, but the one that got me stoked the most was Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. ♥

After looking for new dramas to watch, none of them seemed to catch my attention. I tried watching When the Camellia Blooms and Hi, Bye Mama, but they both felt boring to me, or maybe the phasing was too slow? I was supposed to start watching 100 Days My Prince when I randomly caught up with Nicole (a close dongsaeng of mine who’s been a Kpop fan for so long now) through Twitter. We talked about Busted season 3 and how we’re both excited for the broadcast this coming November. I also told her how I missed watching it and laughing like crazy that she ended up recommending this certain show to me she thought I might like and… poof, I was automatically hooked!

Are you a fan of escape rooms? 😉

Great Escape or 대탈출 (Dae Tal Chul) is a South Korean reality entertainment show being aired at tvN featuring Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jong Min, Shin Dong, Yoo Byung Jae, Kim Dong Hyun, and P.O.

From the title itself, it’s pretty obvious what the show is about – escaping!

Escape and survive.

The show currently has 3 seasons, and its 3rd season is currently being aired Sundays on tvN at 10:40PM.

Season 1 – July 1 to September 23, 2018

Season 2 – March 17 to June 9, 2019

Season 3 – March 1, 2020 – ongoing

What’s with Great Escape?

Last year I was able to experience playing escape rooms, hello Breakout Manila, and the maximum number of rooms at the venue was I think 3? Not to mention that the rooms were particularly small after being divided into different rooms per concept. I was able to enter 3 out of 4 rooms with pure enthusiasm and passion, all thanks to our supportive managers! But I wasn’t able to escape though. 😀

I swear you really have to use your head and think when playing this game, not only in terms of solving and finding crucial evidence, but also putting the clues together. You have to be observant and clever because, like what Kang Ho Dong says, “Everything is a clue.”

Great Escape is not just a typical escape room show; you don’t just escape from rooms, you escape the whole establishment. Talk about level up, right? How fun could it be being locked up in a whole building or house and escaping it with no time limit? They have to keep filming until they escape, that’s the rule of the show. Haha! They were locked inside for like 8-10 hours and it was really exciting to watch.

The first episode of season 1 was a gambling site setup. The location was a 2-storey building with a storage room, secret room, office, gambling area, and an expanded warehouse at the back. I thought it would all end at the ground floor, but I thought wrong. 😀


What makes each episode exciting are the different plots and stories that were prepared. Ranging from zombies, evil spirits, prison break, hospital scenes and the list just goes on, you would have an idea on what the next episode is about during the preview. It spoils and gives viewers the anticipation to look forward to the next concept, as well as the strategies used to escape because believe me or not, sometimes they solve clues just by pure luck and coincidence. Well, I think we all do, at some point in life. 😉

Production Team

I have nothing but praise for the production team that worked hard to achieve such realistic and immersing environment. They arranged everything so neatly well that you’d literally drop your jaw out of surprise and awe. It may not seem realistic to the viewers since we’re watching them on the screen but imagine being there, standing in their feet, having no idea how the escape would go or if they would even be able to escape at all. 😀

Having experienced playing the game itself, there’s this process at the beginning where they assist you entering the room with blindfolds on and after removing them you see yourself in an unfamiliar place – this process will raise your curiosity and promote immersion in the game. Thus, I strongly believe that room arrangement and preparation play a BIG role for the show’s success. I give the team all the praise they deserve for a job well done! I couldn’t help but commend them, seriously.


From hologram, visual and audio effects, descending and ascending platforms, secret passages, the additional helping characters who made the setting more realistic (zombies and mental hospital patients), everyone just did a job well done. They acted so well you’d freak out and immerse in the stories you’re in. They were all remarkable I feel so proud of them. I was really impressed I kept clapping and cheering while watching them. \^o^/


As for the cast, /facepalm while laughing/, I sort of wanted to thank them. They really, really, really made this pandemic sadness lighter and easier for me. Like, just the thought of them being trapped in one room or getting scared out of nothing… makes me smile and shake my head.

Kang Ho Dong, the leader of the team since he’s the eldest and bravest. He unites team members and helps them develop their skills. Like for Dong Hyun, he kept asking him to take lead because he wanted him to regain his courage. Kudos for the strongest man who force open cabinets!

Kim Jong Min, also known as Kim Discovery because he solves and finds clues by chance, by mere discovery. I love this guy. Just seeing him smiling makes me smile and laugh a little. He deserves all the love! ♥

Shin Dong, the brains of the team who solves difficult puzzles and patterns. I was surprised to see how clever he was and it was also mentioned he has an IQ of 148. Wow.

Yoo Byung Jae, the briefer and also brains of the team who actively summarizes the clues they’ve gathered. He’s the guy with initiative that he’d do things even before the team asks him to.

Kim Dong Hyun, the funniest I guess? Ever since he started filming for this show he became more and more sensitive. He’s actually brave, he just gets easily surprised because seriously, this show’s setup gaming is lit. They took it to another level.

P.O, the youngest one who clings to his team and discovers clues by accident as well. He listens to his hyungs well and do what he’s told, especially during the evil prison episode where he had to muster all his courage and face the scary stuff. He has keen senses too. ♥

Personally, I think the team is well balanced. Dream team! But what’s more special about them is chemistry. They’re all considerate with one another, they look after each other, they all have good sense of humor, and most of all, they have teamwork. They know how to attack the other, without offending them. 🙂

Presently, the show is airing its third season and is currently at episode 8. I took a sneak peek and saw that they were at an amusement park. TT

I’m currently at season 2 episode 11 and I can’t wait to proceed watching until the latest episode. But after checking, episodes 7-9 of season 3 aren’t subbed yet and I guess I’ll have to watch with my nose bleeding and head aching from comprehending the small amount of Korean words I know. :/

I recommend this show to escape room fans, or if you just want to laugh and think a little, go ahead and watch at your own risk! 😀

Bonus! ♥

Dalgona Coffee, with a Twist…?

You’ve probably heard of or seen the famous drink that’s been taking over the internet, especially now that people are confined into their houses, missing the sweet taste of milk teas, frappes and other refreshing beverages. As I have read from some articles, this trending drink debuted on TikTok, with I don’t really know how because I don’t have a TikTok account. 😀

Dalgona or commonly known as ppopgi in Korea, is a famous traditional candy made from the mixture of melted sugar and baking soda. They come in adorable designs and shapes, but what’s more amazing is to watch how they are being made, or cooked, I should say. 😊

I once came across a variety show, EXO Showtime, where the Korean members toured the Chinese members around the traditional villages of Korea. The attention of the members was caught by the hal-abeoji (grandfather in Korean) who was making dalgonas in the street. Wondering how the delightful treat was made, they carefully watched how the candies were cooked from being a mild thick mixture into becoming the yummy candy on stick.

You literally have to keep mixing the sugar and baking soda in the small container over the heat to get the right texture before finally transferring it on a flat surface for decoration and wrapping.

Photo Not Mine CTTO
Photo Not Mine CTTO

After giving you an idea of what the actual dalgona is… Dalgona Coffee, anyone? 😊

Honestly speaking, I have no idea why they called this drink Dalgona Coffee, maybe because the primary medium is sugar? 😀

But people seemed to miss the taste of sweet beverages and came upon this easy recipe online. This is how a Dalgona Coffee should look like, with the so-called dalgona mixture floating on top of the milk.

Photo By Erika Dizon, originally from

I’m not a coffee person, with even a little dosage of coffee making me palpitate, although I love its aroma. So, I thought of trying to make Dalgona Coffee, I mean, the Dalgona beverage using a different ingredient and what I came up with is using Swiss Miss as the medium, instead of coffee.


2 Tablespoon chocolate powder / coffee is the original ingredient

2 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoon hot water

1 Glass of milk (your choice)

The key to make the mixture float is to whip or beat the mixture hard. Consistent mixing is needed to make it fluffy and light, in order for it to float, like how it should be. 😊

I tried mixing continuously, for like 30-40 minutes using a fork, but my hands grew tired and being the impatient person I am, I gave up. So it ended up like this.

Flop 😦

I’m actually down for the fluffy thing since I like whipped creams on top of my chocolate drinks. But the moment I put the mixture into the milk, it literally went dooooooown, and it had me laughing at myself. Maybe next time I’ll try using a mixer, if there will be a next time, and maybe a mixer. 😊

I know we’re all getting bored and stuffy inside our houses, so if you feel like refreshing yourself up with some sweetness, you can always try making Dalgona Coffee, or experiment your own drink. 😉

Dr. John Review: Recognizing and Sharing Someone Else’s Pain

“There’s only pain with an unknown cause. But remember, there’s no pain without cause.”

Amidst the global pandemic swarming the news and social media by storm, I, as a normal citizen of this country, felt the importance of medical knowledge. I strongly believe that it is a necessity to be well informed and equipped with legitimate information when facing such issue that may cause you your health. With all the ringing and panic this is bringing to us all, I found myself getting interested in medical videos. 😊

You know those random video clips on Facebook showing up when you scroll and scroll? Medical videos caught my attention particularly, from The Good Doctor (American version) to Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and many more. I suddenly felt the need to like feed my mind with a bunch of medical stuff – which I did. 😊

This video clip where a female doctor was attending to an unconscious inmate whose neck was swollen, finding it difficult to breathe due to his blocked airways caught my attention. Then there came this fellow inmate meddling, voicing out his diagnosis and telling the doctor what to do caught my liking, and I had to find out what the title of the series was.

Aside from knowing the lead actors of the drama, I found the series quite intriguing. How come an inmate was knowledgeable in medical stuff, confident enough to diagnose the patient and instruct the real doctor, even dared to question her identity, asking if she really was a doctor? I had my guesses in my mind, thinking that the inmate might be a doctor. So my question was, what made him become a prisoner? What was he doing in the penitentiary?

Dr. John, a well-known Korean medical series was broadcasted September of last year. It mainly focused on the character of Cha Yo Han (played by Ji Sung). He was an anesthesiologist imprisoned for performing euthanasia on a terminally ill patient, since the procedure was not legalized in Korea. Through the first episodes, you would discover what kind of a doctor Cha Yo Han was, showing nothing but dedication and concern for any patient he encountered, even his fellow inmates.

Yo Han was released a couple of days after and was hired by a big hospital as a professor, leading a group of resident and fellow anesthesiologists under the Pain Management Department, where he then met the female doctor Kang Si Young (played by Lee Se Young) whom he knew back from the penitentiary. They met again as professor and resident, making me look forward to more of the series’ contents.

Not only did the series show amazing ways of diagnosing and treating patients, feeding the viewers with uncommon ailments, it also sent off strong messages for the mind and for the heart. It wasn’t your typical romance type of medical series; it was more about life and pain. There were “giddy” instances from certain scenes but when you watch further, you’d not only learn about medical practice but also about how patients feel when being treated, specifically those who were terminally ill, where hope seemed uncertain.

What made the series more thrilling was, Yo Han himself, was a patient. He had this uncurable condition called CIPA (Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhidrosis) where he was unable to feel pain, and because of this, people were after him. Some curious, some wanted him to fail. How could a doctor who couldn’t feel pain cure other patients? Was he there to mock them? Was he there to study and observe? Only the patients he cured could tell, as he mentioned.

The person after him most was the prosecutor who sentenced him to 3-years imprisonment, Son Seok Ki (played by Lee Kyu Hyung). He continued to watch Yo Han’s actions and decisions, anticipating him to perform euthanasia on other patients, wanting to sentence him again, but later on realizing that he was not the bad doctor he had always imagined him to be. It was also revealed that the prosecutor was ill, having stomach cancer in its third stage.

As the series progressed, it was revealed that Yo Han was suffering loss of hearing and blurry vision due to his CIPA. According to his doctor, the ticking bomb inside of him might go off anytime, leaving him the choice of giving up being a doctor to live a longer life. But being a doctor was everything to him, what could he have chosen?

I’m not going to reveal the rest of the story, I don’t want to spoil people who still haven’t watched it. But I’m telling you, it’s really, really good! 😊

Overall, it was a good series, a light one to describe. Even if it’s just a simple realistic drama tackling the possible daily lives of doctors and patients, the anticipation of watching the next episode was there. It will make you crave and wonder what’s going to happen next, you would basically want more. Thumbs up to the production team! 😊

What made me smile most was how Cha Yo Han would always sanitize his hands before attending to a patient, be it in the penitentiary or in the hospital. Hand-sanitizing is a must! Most especially today. ☹

Kudos to the actors! Ji Sung never fails, indeed. 😊

Samgyupsalamat: Yet Another Samgyup Escapade

Hello! I’m back with my samgyup escapade and it’s already making me think that readers are getting sick of it. 😀

This time, we visited a Korean BBQ house located near my place – somewhere in Makati to be exact. 😊

Samgyupsalamat Makati Cinema Square branch has been there for like two years or so, and it was only last March 1, Sunday, that I was able to visit. I remember trying Samgyupsalamat Vito Cruz branch, the one beside the fried chicken house but I think they already moved to a new place. I can’t really remember “the” experience, except for the fact that they use coal in cooking. 😊

So! I went there with my friend, to the Makati Cinema Square branch at around 3 in the afternoon. It was a full house, given it’s a weekend and yes, payday. We had our names listed and it didn’t really take long before we could settle in. We were welcomed by EXO by the way performing Love Shot, having that big TV screen mounted to the wall playing HD music videos of your favorite K-POP groups is a PLUS PLUS PLUS!

Like other bbq houses, this one also offers an unlimited dining where you get unlimited side dishes and meat! I was really craving for samgyupsal I insisted we meet that day and eat out. 😀

Photo from Samgyupsalamat Facebook Page

Being the samgyupsal enthusiast I am, I decided to go for seasoned meat first, not the marinated ones because they have the tendency to make me feel full. Remember? The tastier the meat you consume, the more water you would want to consume in between to wash off the flavors? 😀

We were served with A LOT of side dishes before they filled the table with the coal and grill. I was surprised to see the amount of side dishes, and, to see the side dishes themselves. At other Korean bbq houses, they don’t usually offer japchae and egg as part of it but here… TADA! What you see in the photo is what you get, oh, except for the rice. You have to order from the friendly staffs. 😉

I was the official cook, as always, because I formed the habit of cooking. I love cooking. ♥

I know that some marinades all taste the same, but somehow, eating here made me feel really ecstatic; especially when I ordered Bul-jib, the thick cut pork meat, literally the samgyupsal I’ve known. I even borrowed scissors because I wanted to cut them even if they were already tender after grilling.

Their marinades were so excellent we had to order another serving of their yangnyum and gochujang. Oops, not just “another,” but MORE. ♥

I can’t remember how many servings we were able to consume but I know it was a lot. The staffs were approachable too, the serving time wasn’t long, they serve you what you order real-time, the music coming from the big TV screen was a PLUS… It’s just the grill and meat MAY get burned easily since coal is being used to cook them? 😊

I really didn’t expect to fall in love with Samgyupsalamat, but now that I have, I will definitely be coming back. ♥

Nature Republic Limited Edition EXO Lip Tints: Fresh from the Mail!

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I came across a random photo of a fellow Chanyeol fan wearing the latest limited-edition EXO lip tint from Nature Republic in picnic peach shade (Chanyeol’s shade!). She was holding the lip tint itself, as well as the scented photocard that comes along as a freebie when you buy the lip tint as she smiled and showed how the shade looked on her.

I didn’t really plan to buy since it’s quite pricey and I still have my lip tints with me but seeing the actual shade on her made me think otherwise. “Eh, it would look good on me” I thought, and this mere thought won me over. I wore pink shades too, aside from red and eventually decided on buying one for myself because… why not? 😊 happy birthday to me!

The lip tint comes in 3 shades – Very Berry (red), Picnic Peach (pink), and Oh! Orange (orange). It’s priced at Php645 and comes with a scented photocard as freebie. The tints are also wearing cute beanies, maybe because they were released last winter in South Korea. 😊

Very Berry – Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun

Picnic Peach – D.O., Chanyeol, Chen

Oh! Orange – Suho, Xiumin

I had mine ordered last Saturday night and thought it would come in by Monday. Yep I’m that excited! The parcel came in today though, Tuesday, which is quick enough – processing, preparing, packing, shipping, and delivery done within 3 days is actually very commendable despite the volume of orders and deliveries Lazada has. Not to mention the superb packaging done! They made sure to protect the photocard from being crumpled and I was so happy seeing it wrapped between two cardboard cutouts sealed with bubble wrap and tape. /claps for Lazada team/ 😊

Okay so I bought the lip tint online, without knowing its texture nor did I read reviews about it. In branches you can try the testers to see if it’s to your liking but shopping online… 😊 I wasn’t really expecting to like it at first, I actually thought it was either a gel type or just something really thick and heavy… something I don’t really like.

But to my surprise, when I opened it, the mixture was… light and watery! Its texture is somewhat similar to Tony Moly’s Delight Tony Tint, but better. This one from Nature Republic blends with your lips right away and also gives a sweet scent.

As for the photocard, yes, it’s really scented. I’m not good at describing scents but I do think it gives off a floral scent. 😊 Look how handsome bb is! ♥

I suddenly remembered the cashier back at Ayala Malls branch, informing me ahead that they’d be selling these lip tints. I even guessed the price, I remember saying it’s going to be around Php545? Then she corrected me, saying that it’s Php645, since signatures of the members were printed at the photocard.

I was like meh, I’m not going to buy anyway, why bother. But here I am now, rocking this pink lip tint! 😊

The lip tints are still available at Nature Republic branches and Lazada, maybe until supplies last. Hurry! Because this is limited! ♥

Food Brings Comfort: Sumo Niku Dining

After getting tired and brokenhearted during our trip to Ayala Malls Manila Bay last Saturday, we opted for Korean barbeque right away, changing our minds from originally eating at KFC to suddenly craving for samgyupsal – even if it was a given for us to eat samgyupsal whenever we meet. 😊

But my friends suggested to try Sumo Niku, a Japanese unlimited barbeque restaurant located at SM City San Lazaro. We hesitated at first, since my other friend was reluctant to try and taste Japanese sauces. But after checking their menu, we decided to give it a go. 😊

The restaurant chain was new. I stumbled upon a few branches after giving it a search on the internet though – SM North Edsa North Towers, MOA, SM City Pampanga, Glorietta 4, Marquee Mall Parañaque.

Yellow ♥

The number of orders you can have depends on the number of people dining. Since there were three of us, we were told to go with 6 orders at a time – 6 meat variations and 6 side dishes. There is also a 3-hour time limit and additional payment for softdrinks. 😊

Both affordable and yummy! ♥

I’m not really a picky eater, so I told my friends to order whatever. I decided to just do the cooking and the eating because I was already hungry. I was basically just fixated on putting the meat they ordered and have them grilled before they go into my mouth! 😊

To describe our first dining experience in Sumo Niku, we were a bit pissed off at first. Maybe because the restaurant was short-handed, despite being an eat-all-you-can where people would usually order countless times, the serving was a bit slow, most especially when we ordered side dishes. We’re a bunch of patient people when it comes to ordering but maybe we were just really hungry at that time because we came from a faraway place? 😊

We tried almost all kinds of meat the restaurant has to offer, but since I wasn’t really paying attention on what meat I was eating, I’m not so sure which is which already. But one thing I’m sure of is the marinated meats are delicious. Your taste buds will surely be able to catch those mouthwatering flavors of sweet, spicy and salty marinades… which will make you want to drink water if you consume too much at a time. So, I suggest you try the less tasty ones first before indulging yourself with the marinated ones! 😉

The meats were served frozen too, so it will take some time to cook, most especially the chicken meat. They were cut thickly so I had to put extra effort in cooking them. It has become a habit to cook and cut for the people I eat with, so after having the chicken cooked well, I cut them into small chunks and let them stay a little longer in the griller, just to make sure they stay heated. It’s a wonderful feeling eating warm meat, I tell yah! 😊

As for the pork and beef meats, they cook quicker than the chicken meat. I personally prefer pork and beef but chicken is good too, especially when I realized that surprisingly they’re tender to eat too after getting grilled. I got used to chicken breasts getting fried at home and turning out too chewy when I was a kid. 😊

The side dishes were okay too, except the mozzarella cheese dip? We didn’t really like how it tasted. Actually it tasted kind of sour to me. But other than that, the rest I will be giving a thumbs up! 😊

Meat ♥o♥

To sum it up, it was a good dining experience, except the waiting time. But I think it’s a common problem or should I say a common trait that should be present when eating in buffets. So maybe we should just extend our patience and wait to eat something delicious? 😊

Thank you to my friends who never fail to… eat with me! To more dining adventures with you two! ♥

Thank you ahgassi and Ricky for always dining with me! £2


K-POP COALESCE 4 – Link-Up Production’s 5th anniversary celebration happened last 23rd of February, 2020 at Tiu Theater, located at 2F Makati Square, Chino Roces Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati City. The event was scheduled to start at 1PM and end 9PM; a total of 8 hours filled with K-POP fangirling and fanboying. 😊

“K-POP COALESCE 4 is Link-Up Productions’ anniversary celebration of Link-Up’s first official event- K-pop Coalesce which took place back in 2014. By now, a close-knit community of dancers, cosplayers and fans of everything about Korea are its attendees! Celebrate with us to find out why Link-Up Productions is well-loved by many. Make new friends who share the same hobbies as you do, meet interesting people and enjoy high-quality performances by our talents!”

– Link-Up Productions

Link-Up Production has been organizing the event ever since their very first K-pop cover dance event held last November 30, 2014 titled #K-POPCOALESCE. The word itself caught the attention of many, with most fans thinking what ‘Coalesce’ meant. In Layman’s term, it simply means to “bring together for a common purpose.

“This event is widely known for being the first ever K-pop cover group concert in the country that changed the local K-pop event scene in Metro Manila.”

Prior to the event, the Team Ulzzang Contest segment was cancelled, leaving K-pop Cosplay and K-pop Cover Dance Competition as the contests left to be presented.

We arrived the site and queued by 12:30PM after reading their announcement that registration and ticket-selling will commence at 1:00PM. But with quite the disappointment, the line wasn’t moving for a period of time. ☹

We were able to enter the theater at past 2 in the afternoon and was welcomed by the Dance Camp students rehearsing for their recital. The theater was filled with both fans and supporters, and to my surprise, there were adults – probably parents of the students. It was heartwarming to see them supporting their kids’ passion not only for K-pop, but also for dancing. It was a different sight to see, after all the events I’ve attended before.

The event started at past 3, with the host Song Dong In asking the audience to rise for a short prayer led by the head of Link-Up Productions himself, Mr. Vincent Igno. 🙂

Without further ado, the host proceeded with the event proper, having the first contest, K-POP Cosplay, which was first in line. By the word cosplay itself, meaning costume play, contestants were encouraged not only to represent a specific K-pop Idol / group, but also to showcase their talents in dancing – a complete package, I must say. There was a total of 17 contestants equipped with the proper outfit to match the idol they were representing, also bringing with them their talents to complete the stage performance they wanted to present.

We were both stoked and entertained, watching the contestants dance and cover their idols. They were indeed very talented and creative, as always. Kudos! The winner for this contest was Karlo Angeles, covering Chungha. Congratulations! 😊

For the K-pop Cover Dance Competition, the participants were divided into sub-categories but would still be competing against one another. We were able to learn new songs by watching them, since we already pass as ahjummas of K-pop and are not really updated with the new groups. 😅

Commending not only their talents, but also their costumes, props and outfits. We were blown away and were in awe seeing their beautiful attires. I mean, you really get to see and feel their love for K-pop, as well as performing. Some people might think that they just borrowed their clothes somewhere but as a matter of fact, most of them had their clothes tailored and customized well. 👍🏻

Congratulations to the winners for this segment! 😊

Champion (Winner of Php7000) – Frolicsome (Twice cover group)

1st Runner-up (Winner of Php4000) – Oxygen (Weki Meki cover group)

2nd Runner-up (Winner of Php3000) – Cherrybomb (Astro cover group)

After the battle of the cover groups, students from the Dance Camp with group name K-pop Express, had their recital, showing the audience the dance steps and grooves they have learned from their dance instructor Keefe Millan. They had a total of 7 sessions, and within that span of time, the students got to know and befriend one another, creating a bond that brought more life and meaning to their medley performance. 😊

Intermission numbers from special guests Raven Rouge, Teenage, Neverglow, Niz.One, Y.O.U., brought energy and color to the stage as they performed a variety of songs covering K-pop groups such as BTS, Everglow, IZ*ONE and etc. Teenage was well-known and welcomed by the crowd, and I must say, they were indeed talented and good-looking. 😊


We were not able to watch the event until the end because my friend had to leave early. 😓

It was kind of nostalgic attending this K-pop event. I used to attend events like this way back 2013 with my group of college friends. It was still exciting and fun, because I, myself, feel entertained and stoked watching fellow fans perform on stage. I like watching them dancing, because I’m not really a dance type of person. 😅 The only difference now is I’m not familiar with most of the new songs being performed. But overall it was a good experience, being able to witness performers whose passion took over the stage and the crowd.

I honestly think that these kids, these contestants, are not after the monetary prizes. It’s actually about the happiness it brings them when they perform on stage. It’s the togetherness and time they spend with their groupmates practicing and bonding, the memories they create not only for themselves but with other groups as well as the crowd, the joy they bring to fellow fans, the smiles and applauses they get… it’s all priceless. Acceptance, freedom of expressing themselves and being who they can be – because in events like this, no one judges you. The crowd does not judge the performers, we embrace and clap for them.

Because honestly speaking, performing and attending events, they’re a breathing hole for most fans. 😊

Thank you Link-Up Productions for the amazing event! Hopefully next time, the event starts on time. 💛

Journey to Nature Republic with EXO in Manila

Last January 6, Nature Republic Philippines Facebook page posted a short video clip that caught the attention of many; most especially, PH EXO-Ls. Alongside this were rumored flight schedules of (4) EXO members circulating on Twitter a few days after this so-called teaser was posted. These got fans thinking and stoked, wondering if the boys were really coming to PH for a possible fan meeting on February 22, 2020.

Nature Republic, a Korean brand of cosmetics and skin care products made its debut in the Philippines in 2011. With its very first branch opened at Festival Supermall in Alabang, the flagship outlet was quickly followed by branches in SM North Edsa, SM City Fairview and so on.

EXO became Nature Republic’s brand ambassadors in 2012. They successfully endorsed the prestigious brand and with no doubt, contributed a lot to its publicity. It was also a time when K-pop was being welcomed well in the Philippines, so fans couldn’t help but instinctively associate EXO with Nature Republic. Some fans even went to branches to check their products and have their photos taken with EXO members’ standees and posters, and I was one of those fans. 😊

With its slogan “Journey to Nature,” Nature Republic is well-known for using natural ingredients and herbs in processing their products.

“Consider some of its precious ingredients, as stated in its tagline, from earth: medicinal plants and healing flowers, seawater from around the world, used as prescriptions from ancient times based on natural concepts and as Mother Nature intended, processed and formulated through modern technology. Ingredients such as: blue lagoon water from Polynesia; glacial water from the Alps; deep sea water from Greenland; ocean area pine tree from France; Hawaiian hibiscus; Madagascar butdelria; Morocco monoi; gold caviar; North American kawai; and other similarly exotic and efficacious extracts and substances.”

– Philstar Global, Nature Republic is in the Philippines!

January 10, Nature Republic Philippines announced on their Facebook page the “chance to see your faves up-close. They even stated to save the date February 22, 2020, finally confirming that some of the EXO members were coming for an event.

With the hype of possibly seeing the EXO members up-close, Nature Republic successfully opened its 23rd branch at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay, located at Parañaque last 24th of January. A lot were in store for fans who would come to the opening day, with freebies varying from posters, postcards and photocards, waiting to be given away when you buy products from the store. A chance to win free tickets for the event was also up for grabs through a raffle draw at the said branch when your purchase products for a minimum amount of Php500.

Photo not mine

A real pain in the heart, with all the happiness and expectations fans were feeling, a virus outbreak occured in Wuhan, China, causing a lot of its people to fall sick and dead with NCoV (novel coronavirus). Travelling around was inevitable, most especially with the news being kept and not made public to the world at first, it was possible for the virus to spread even outside of the country. The virus had quickly spread to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Korea and sadly, even the Philippines.

Causing quite an uproar and panic to Filipinos, fans started to request the cancellation of the fan party, in fear of getting infected by both PH and international fans who would be attending the said event and also for everyone’s safety. Fans kept posting on Nature Republic’s Facebook page and comments section, asking them to consider cancelling the fan party.

Nature Republic heard the fans and acted at once. At first, they posted their stance with regards to the issue, saying that the fan meeting would still push through, and that they would be posting the ticketing mechanics in the next few days. But after 2 days, they posted an update stating that they were carefully monitoring the situation, thus delaying the mechanics.

Some fans were enraged, while some were still hoping. It was like a battle, voicing out one’s opinions, with both sides being criticized. But a lot wasn’t known about the virus just yet, doctors and frontline health workers were carefully observing and monitoring progress to ensure that PUIs (patient under investigation) were being well taken care of.

After much deliberation and waiting, Nature Republic eventually announced the cancellation of the fan party, considering the increasing number of PUIs in the Philippines and 2 confirmed cases in NCR.

Fans were rejoicing having heard the cancellation. They didn’t want to risk the health of the artists, as well as theirs. But some fans were also sad, it was a chance to see the boys, but what choice did they have, given these circumstances?

Journey to the Nature Republic in Manila with EXO, scheduled to happen this February 22, 2020 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds was supposedly today. Some fans may have already forgotten about the event, some may have already moved on, but I’m sure somewhere out there, some fans are silently wishing for the event to have just pushed through.

As an EXO-L, and to mend this broken heart, I decided to visit Nature Republic Ayala Malls Manila Bay branch to see the standees. Yes, I sometimes visit branches not only to buy products, but also to see them standees. 🙈 I even sent a message to the page yesterday, to confirm if the standees were still there. I was given YES as an answer, so I was really EXPECTING to see the complete standees but…

The standees were nowhere to be found 😦

The disappointment somehow doubled, I guess. I admit that my main intention was to see the standees, because 6 members were supposedly displayed at this branch, but according to the ates / staffs, they were already given away to the raffle winners. So… I just bought my serum and facial wash. 😦

It was supposed to happen today, but it didn’t. What’s important is that we’re all safe and healthy, hopefully. 🙂 Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly and take vitamins to boost your immune system, the best way to conquer any kind of virus! 😉

As of this writing, sharing with you an update from DOH Philippines! 😊