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You Are My Glory: For More Stars, For The More Distant Galaxy ✨

It’s been almost a year since my last post and I suddenly feel bad for not being able to update. 🥺 although part of me knows that no one reads my articles. 🙈 I honestly feel like there’s a blockage in my head which stops my mind from producing quality reviews and articles so please bear with me. >< Nevertheless, here I am again, sincerely hoping and praying that each and everyone of you is safe and healthy. I’ve got a couple of friends in my circle who are currently sick and as a caring and empathetic individual, I can really feel for them, most especially because I’ve been there. 🥲 Loves, I hope you all get well soon! Please don’t forget to take your vitamins, stay hydrated, and observe proper hygiene. ♥

Sooo proceeding to my story, I’ve recently splurged into some Chinese series, yet again, and came upon some good ones. 👏🏻 The first one from my marathon list was King’s Avatar. I just randomly watched the trailer on Netflix and surprisingly, it was to my taste? Well, aside from the male lead being one of my biggest celebrity crush, I just found it worth watching. I did finish this one and it was soooooo good I ended up fangirling over Yang Yang again. ♥ Wanting to see more of him because the spark has been rekindled, I watched Tomb Raiding Notes even if he didn’t have much air-time there. I love Tomb Raiding series by the way! 😊 Afterwhich, I watched a couple more of romance comedy series WHEN I stumbled upon a video on Weibo while randomly searching for Yang Yang photos. 🙈

This video was the deciding factor for me to finally watch this series I’m about to share. It’s a fan-made clip of Yang Yang’s roles – Xiao Nai (Love O2O) and Yu Tu (You Are My Glory). Of course I know Xiao Nai very well, but the latter, I have no idea at all. But seeing Yang Yang still looking good and dashing as ever, it’s a recent series by the way, I became really curious about it. Not to mention the posts on Weibo that were all commending Yang Yang’s improved acting and of course his good looks, that even ladies in their 50s fell for him. ♥

Credits to Weibo account 一只波贝贝

I’ve actually heard of this series already as it was storming Weibo and other social networking platforms. I just didn’t get the proper chance to take a look at it because I thought it was more of a serious genre where you get to think hard and connect pieces. 😅 And this actually caused me to delay watching it because I didn’t want my head to hurt. 🥲 Anyway after all these circling, I ended up watching the series all thanks to the fan-made video and positive feedbacks.

And my feels…? 🙈❤️

You Are My Glory or 你是我的荣耀 tells the story of famous actress, model, and endorser Qiao Jing Jing (Dilraba Dilmurat) crossing paths again with her high school classmate Yu Tu (Yang Yang) who worked as an aerospace engineer. Despite being in completely different fields of work, they were brought back together by an online mobile game named King of Honor.

Just around Jing Jing’s contract renewal as the King of Honor’s ambassadress, a video clip of her terrible gameplay was uploaded online which garnered a lot of attention and comments. The issue was immediately resolved when she agreed to take part in the game’s upcoming event and join a casual match with random players. To prepare for the said event, she decided to use her 1 month break to learn and practice playing. At first, her manager’s husband was coaching her, but seeing that it was not effective, she decided to practice on her own instead and not trouble them.

Jing Jing used her alternate account to register and log into the game when she noticed that the only contact on her friends list – Yu Tu – was online in the game as well. While recalling how she ended up creating that dummy account to befriend her high school classmate, she suddenly received a game invite from him to which she gladly accepted. Despite being a newbie, she joined them and played casually while her teammates told her off for playing poorly. As the episode progressed, they discovered that she was a girl and that Yu Tu had no idea who she was despite being friends online. From this point on, Jing Jing continued to play with Yu Tu and his friends, asking them to carry her in games so she could practice and at the same time get in touch with her high school crush.

Later on, due to an article about Jing Jing being rejected after confessing that circulated online, their class group chat was filled with gossips which had a negative impact on Jing Jing. Yu Tu was informed of the issue and went straight ahead to clear things up in the group chat. Jing Jing on the other hand was somewhat moved that she started to find out how Yu Tu was doing. She found out from her best friend that he worked as an aerospace engineer, when all along she thought he worked in the banking industry. Knowing that he pursued his dream, it made her happy and want to see him in person.

Being the actress Jing Jing was, she did her best to convince Yu Tu to come over at her place and fix the air purifier she bought. The two eventually met downstairs, smiling at each other after 10 years without communication. Right at that time, she grabbed the chance and persuaded him to be her coach who would teach her how to play King of Honor with flying colors. ♥

My Love for You Are My Glory. ♥

King of Honor 王者荣耀 👑

The game incorporated in this series greatly resembles a game I’m also fond of playing. Players of the same game would definitely know right away. 🙈 I love how they inserted the game into the series which made it fun and exciting to watch, and also how it played a big role in reconnecting the leads. As I’ve expected, he’s good at playing King of Honor in this series – an all-rounder, he can use any hero to play. ❤️ No wonder Jing Jing would ask him to teach her. 🙈

Another thing I like about this game are the heroes. They. Are. So. Cute. And. Adorable. 🙈 I’m referring to the support and mage heroes that Jing Jing first used to practice and play with. I think one of them was Cai Wen Ji? She even sang a cute song while playing and teasing Yu Tu. 😂 But! Aside from the cute ones, are the cool ones. I have 2 more favorite heroes, Zhu Ge Liang and Bai Li Shou Yue. I can’t remember their roles but I remember how they look like and they look really good. You know, that handsome cartoon something, how they were drawn and brought to life. 🙈 You’ll get to know them when you watch the casual match Jing Jing participated in! 😊

I enjoyed every game scene to be honest. I love seeing it when they clash and use their skills, most especially when they focus on Yu Tu’s gameplay. 🥰 Oh! The CGs were pretty impressive too, I’m giving them a thumbs up!

Having watched Yang Yang’s series with games in them brought so much joy and excitement to me as a game enthusiast. Not only did I get to witness a beautiful match, I also got to swoon over Yang Yang’s professional acting. 🙈❤️ Yang Yang and his gamer roles supremacy! 🔥

A Battle with One’s Self

Yu Tu’s dream was to work studying the stars and the farther galaxies. But despite being in a job he loved, he couldn’t help but think twice because of his family. He found out that his parents went to the city for a medical checkup, and during his visit, he overheard them talking about their financial situation. As a son, it broke his heart to know of his parents’ worries and struggles without them directly telling him. His work didn’t pay him much compared to working in the banking industry, and because he wanted to give them more, he decided to quit his job and shift careers even if it hurt him.

It takes great courage and sacrifice to give up something you love. It’s an act of selflessness. I know a lot of working individuals can relate to this, that instead of making their passion their profession, it goes the other way round just so they could make ends meet, or sometimes for the sake of bigger income. Personally, I don’t feel the need to have something I love as my source of income. But for some, I know it’s crucial and meaningful, it makes them value their profession more. It’s like working and enjoying at the same time. I may not relate much to his situation anymore but it gave me an impact because of the struggle, the sacrifice, and because it was hurting him. Who wouldn’t want to give what’s best to his parents, right?

I admire Yu Tu and his family though, because eventually he stood up for what he loved and his mother was there to support him. It’s the mother giving way for her child, and I can’t even. 😭 oh, Jing Jing also wanted him to continue working as an aerospace engineer, besides, “You are already the rabbit who has seen the most stars.”

Me: so Jing Jing is Chang E and Yu Tu is the rabbit? If you know the story. 😅

Lightness & Cuteness. 🙈

The recent series I have watched are all light and lovey-dovey, well, except for Tomb Raiding. 😅 I was actually left broken and hanging after watching that one so I decided to go for something light, something that wouldn’t make me process how this and that happened. 🤣 and guess what! You Are My Glory has it all! 🙈❤️ The chemistry the leads have can make you feel all giddy and uwu. Yu Tu was the cold and reserved type, while Jing Jing was mischievous and outgoing. They’re the perfect combination to balance each other, right? 😊 PS: these are only some of the ❤️ scenes, there’s more for you to witness. 🥰

Jing Jing asking Yu Tu to take revenge on one of the players in the game because he made fun of her. 😅 but Yu Tu said her hero can’t kill yet, so maybe tease for the meantime? 😂
Just Yu Tu starting to appreciate Jing Jing. 🥰

Relationship Development ❤️

I have 2 words to describe Yu Tu and Jing Jing’s relationship development – mature and innocent. It’s mature in a way that when they come to a misunderstanding, they communicate and go the extra mile to reconcile. Both characters were understanding and considerate, they match up well with each other’s rhythm. Like Yu Tu for example, he’s observant and logical, he got familiar with Jing Jing’s behavior and adjusted right away. Jing Jing on the other hand was more of the childish and cute type. She could be playful at times, to which Yu Tu at first found strange but later on played along with. 🙈

It’s also innocent because it seemed like both of them were falling in love for the first time. Or maybe they really were? I’m not too sure, but both of them have had relationships before, and both didn’t turn out well. 🙃 Their relationship seemed pure and innocent, maybe it was partly because of how Jing Jing acted but looking at them closely, it’s really heart melting. It’s the type to make you go awww. I also admire how respectful and straightforward Yu Tu was, like if I were Jing Jing I’d probably melt just by looking into his eyes while he asked permission for the things he were about to do.

So I know this relationship’s possibly too good to be true but who knows, maybe this kind of couple does exist in the real world. And I’m also considering their age here, they’re both around 29-30 and come to think of it, it’s a possible time when you’ve become grown-up enough to handle things with maturity. 😊 yay? nay? 😅

I’m sorry I can’t explain very well, maybe you should just see for yourself? Yes, I am encouraging you to watch it! 👏🏻

Guan Zai asked Yu Tu how come they’re only dating now and not 10 years ago. Just Yu Tu admitting he had poor judgment back then.
Yu Tu clearing up the misunderstanding between Jing Jing and his friend.
When EQ meets IQ.
It’s a little childish of Jing Jing, I know, but Yu Tu handled with all maturity and understanding because he wanted her back.
Laughing at these 3. They were paparazzi trying to get scoops of Jing Jing and Yu Tu. And after watching them for 2-3 days, they claimed to have become innocent.
I have no words for Yang Yang portraying Yu Tu. He did such an impressive job. 😭 the kiss on the forehead. ❤️
His hand behind her head.

Princess Qiao Jing Jing 👸🏻

One thing I love about her is her heart. She’s all famous and rich, but her heart remains humble and kind. She wants nothing but the best for you, her intentions are all good. 😊 She was somewhat laughed at because she confessed to Yu Tu during high school and was believed to have been rejected because she wasn’t that smart. But despite those bad comments, she still lived happily without holding any grudge. She’s a generous princess too, giving some of her branded clothes to her best friend Pei Pei. Lastly, I love how considerate she is, always thinking of the other person. ❤️

Yes, Jing Jing is definitely me because I still get amazed just by watching gamers do their job. 😂❤️
Sharing the same EQ, my dear. ❤️

Yang Yang 杨洋 🐑

There is no doubt that I watched this series because of Yang Yang. I loved the 20-year-old Xiao Nai, and fell even deeper when I met the 30-year-old Yu Tu. It’s like he’s been upgraded, a total level-up. 😂 His acting has improved a lot too and.. hahaha he still remains the bubbly guy he is, always laughing and happy on set. 🙈

In conclusion, this is a beautiful watch. I even gave it a 12/10 rating right after watching it. 😅 I may have not shared the details perfectly, but I guess I was able to express my love for this series, somehow. As I’ve mentioned my head is currently blocked and it’s my first time writing a review again after a year. I’ll practice and write more, hopefully. :’)

So do I recommend this series? YES. Looking back now, it’s actually just a simple light series for the audience to enjoy. But as you watch it, I assure you that you will feel happy and excited to watch the succeeding episodes. You’ll look forward, I swear. I even watched it at a slower pace because I didn’t want to end it. 😭

“愿世间普通的我们, 闪闪发光.” – 杨洋

“May the ordinary us in this world, shine bright.” – Yang Yang (from his Weibo post)

Easter Egg 🥚

Happy birthday Yang Yang! 💙 生日快乐 我们的杨洋 💙

Intense Love 韫色过浓 Review: Sweet Together ♥

Hello! I sincerely hope and pray that you’re all doing good, living healthy, and are safe despite this ongoing pandemic. It’s surely a pain in the heart to see all the changes happening and people adjusting to the new normal. I’m sure we’ll get through this, so long as we have faith and discipline. ^^

After almost two months of not posting anything, I’m back again and ready to share my thoughts on the second Chinese drama I had in my line-up, as recommended by my dongsaeng Ruthleen, Intense Love or韫色过浓. I watched this last July, and I know, it’s long-overdue. Actually, the thought of not watching this drama came to my mind, since, according to my dongsaeng, it’s just a simple light romantic comedy drama that’s full of lovey-dovey acts. I’ve considered not watching this after peeking into one of the episodes but I ended up watching it anyway. ^^

Intense Love is your typical drama with a dose of cuteness all thanks to the lead female character Su Jin Bei (Zhang Yu Xi). Su Jin Bei was a famous actress-model who had good reputation because of her professionalism, work ethics, and of course, her skills. But even as a public figure expected to act composed and cool, Jin Bei also had her cute and clumsy side in her, which was later revealed in the drama series. Jin Bei got involved in a car accident protecting rookie artist Xu Jia Wei (Shi Ming Ze) and was rushed to the hospital emergency room where her eyes slightly opened, vaguely seeing a medical staff wearing a face mask waving his hand to check her consciousness. She woke up the next morning after undergoing minor surgery, only to remember a kissing scene with the doctor who was on night duty, mistaking that he had harassed her. She reported this matter to her manager Wu Di (Wu Yang), who came barging into the head doctor’s office, blaming an innocent doctor, Xiao Yuan Song (Julio Wan Yan).

While Wu Di was out discussing matters with the head doctor, another doctor came into Jin Bei’s room to check on her. She was intently looking at him, with her memories before and after the surgery suddenly coming back to her. She had recognized him to be the doctor she shared a kiss with last night, but she chose to remain silent and observe him. Being the superstar she knew she was, she expected the doctor to make moves on her, or to show extra affection towards her, which he did otherwise. The doctor finished Jin Bei’s checkup and was about to leave when she called his attention, asking if it was him whom she kissed with last night. The doctor came to a stop, and without facing her, he explained that it was the anesthesia’s side effect which had caused her to do such act. Jin Bei was left inside her room talking to herself when she received a call from her mother, asking if she had met her fiancé who was working in the same hospital she was admitted at. Jin Bei came to a pause after recalling the name of her fiancé, claiming that it sounded familiar. She quickly turned around to look for her attending physician’s name, which was, yes, the same name as her fiancé’s – Zhou Shi Yun (Ryan Ding Yu Xi).

From that moment on, Jin Bei schemed to win over Shi Yun’s heart and later dump him when he’s completely fallen in love with her. It was a revenge for not acting like how a fiancé should be, although she really didn’t put at heart that playful fixed marriage promised by their mothers. 🙂

It was a roller coaster ride with how Jin Bei’s warmth and cuteness melted the cold heart and reserved personality of Shi Yun. ♥

My Thoughts?

Intense Love was a good watch. It gave a light feeling which suited my current standard for watching series / dramas. Because of this pandemic, I started to seek for romantic comedy themed series and I’m so glad that this one’s exactly like how my dongsaeng described it – all lovey-dovey and simple – which was actually good for my heart. Good thing I went with watching this one! ♥

What I liked about the series?

Okay to be honest with you guys, I actually watched this because of the lead actor – Ryan Ding. I came across an uploaded video on Facebook (wow I have plenty of time!) of his recent series The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and right away liked him. *w* He’s good-looking, okay? Who wouldn’t want to watch a series with such handsome face? XD

Okay, kidding aside, there is one point in the story which I came to appreciate one to two weeks after watching. I know, it hit me really late.

This point was something I used to practice. I’m saying used to because I’m not really sure if I’m still doing it now although I still firmly believe in it. Ever heard of the saying “Turn the other cheek”? I’m not sure as to why, but this message was the best I could receive from watching Intense Love.

Why? 🙂 I didn’t want to give the whole story away but I’m going to share this part where the message resonated most to me.

Su Jin Bei was friends with her junior actress and co-star Gao Zi Tong (Zhang Yao). Since Jin Bei was the limelight of every scene, with production crews treating her fondly and favoring her, Zi Tong felt inferior towards her. Zi Tong started to somehow resent Jin Bei despite the kindness and understanding that Jin Bei had shown her. It even got worse when Zi Tong witnessed how the guy she liked confessed his feelings for Jin Bei and got rejected. Her resentment grew to a point where she plotted schemes against Jin Bei that later on ruined her career and turned the tables around.

Zi Tong finally got the fame and respect she had always yearned for but she still didn’t stop and crossed the line further. She recommended Jin Bei to be casted in the movie she was making, convincing the production team to let her join. Jin Bei, who was currently in a career slump, did not hesitate to accept the offer. She went to the filming site with Wu Di who had to leave her to take care of other agency matters. Zi Tong and Jin Bei got into a verbal argument before filming, with infuriated Zi Tong pressuring the director to change the script on the spot. The director initially declined her request, but Jin Bei entered the scene and straight-out agreed with what she wanted.

They started to film following Zi Tong’s improvised script, with Zi Tong almost injuring Jin Bei’s arm because of excessive force. A loud yell was then heard which halted the filming, with the major sponsor of the movie stepping in, asking Zi Tong to let go of Jin Bei. He announced to the whole production team that Jin Bei would be taking the lead role, and that Zi Tong would be excluded from the project. It turned out that Jin Bei knew the major sponsor, whom she thanked wholeheartedly. He smiled at Jin Bei while shaking his head, telling her that it was not him who was silently looking after her, and that he only stepped in because someone asked him to.

Jin Bei then came running outside of the filming site, seeing that someone waiting under the rain. Just then she realized that she was being looked after at, that she was important. That person came meddling into Jin Bei’s affair not only because she was already being mistreated, she was aggrieved without even doing anything wrong. Despite all the bad things that Zi Tong had done to her, she chose to let her off the hook, she chose to turn the other cheek while trying to understand Zi Tong’s feelings. She actually even chased after Zi Tong, after knowing that she had left the filming site.

And this right here was where it hit me. That maybe people hurt other people because they, themselves, are hurt too; that they only needed comfort in order to lessen the pain they are feeling. I told myself that day, “Intense Love isn’t just about being clingy and giddy, it’s also about being kind and turning the other cheek. It’s about being a decent human being.”

I was happy to recall this feeling, because at one point in my life, I learned to apply this too. I learned to turn the other cheek; I let people mock me, not giving too much attention to what they say to me, I let them. And the result? It turned out to be unexpectedly good. :’)

At the last part of the series, Shi Yun’s words also made me realize about how little time we may have. The volume of Shi Yun’s line, “I don’t want to waste time anymore” serves as a reminder for us to check in on those we truly care for. You love someone? Don’t just tell them, show them, make them feel you love them. And from then on, I started to slowly reach out and connect with those people I cherish, while I still have time, while we still have time. As of this writing, we came across a lot of misfortunes and passing that have occurred which left my heart somehow aching for the friends and loved ones of those people. 😥

Sadness aside, one more thing that I liked about this series is of course, the soundtrack. They don’t have it on Spotify so I had to download them elsewhere for me to listen to the songs because they’re lovely. My favorite is When Love Comes 爱情来临的时候.

“Can’t stop loving you, lucky to have met you

Fall in love with me, sweet together

Every minute every second, every moment

Love is present in our hearts

Each day with you is worth remembering”

Lastly, the side stories! Chinese dramas have a thing for cute side stories. We have, I think, two? I’m not going to elaborate much about these two couples but they did make me smile and feel all giddy. I’m rooting for the second couple, the gamer couple! 😀

If you’re looking for a cute and light series to watch, you can go and check this one out. It’s true that there’s not much twists and revelations to it but if you want to laugh and feel giddy cute, you can try this one and I guarantee, you’ll learn to love our dear Su Jin Bei. ♥

♥ “Turn the other cheek.”

Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 Review: Dreams Don’t Shine, What Shines are People Who Dream

July 16th, 2020 – it’s been four months since COVID swamped the country with still increasing cases every day. With Metro Manila now under GCQ, let me just ask, how have you been? Well whatever your situation, I am hoping for your safety and wellbeing. May you and your family be always safe and free from any sickness!

Having a reduced work schedule and feeling all tired and stressed because of news that never fail to surprise us, I kept myself busy and distracted by, as usual, watching Korean dramas until I ran out of supply. I choose what I watch and found Mystic Pop-up Bar somewhat interesting, well, to my liking. But at that time it was ongoing and I had to wait for new episodes to watch. 😦

I have this dongsaeng (younger sibling in Korean), Ruthleen, whom I’ve known for 10 years already and who’s very close to my heart. ♥ I was actually scrolling through my Facebook news feed when I saw a short clip of a Chinese drama. I must admit, the lead actor’s visual caught my attention, not to mention his height. 😀 so I sent a message to my dongsaeng, knowing she’s currently in to Chinese series. She recommended 3 series and one of which had that good-looking guy as the lead. :”> His name is Ryan Ding Yu Xi by the way! ^^

The first one she recommended to me was Skate Into Love. It was very dear to her, it was her most favorite Chinese drama. Second, Intense Love, where Ryan Ding (my baby) was the lead actor. Third, A Little Thing Called First Love, starring Lai Kuan Lin. ♥

So these were the 3 Chinese dramas she suggested, and me, being an obedient unnie (older sister), abided by her sequence. 😉

First on my plate was Skate Into Love, basically the subject of this write-up. 🙂

At first, I was actually hesitant to watch this. My mind was like… I’m not really a fan of ice sports – ice hockey, figure skating, and short track speed skating… the story revolved around the protagonists’ college lives which included these sports which were also their majors. It didn’t hurt to try, I affirmed and so I went and watched the first episode. The next thing I knew, I was already binge-watching. > <

My Thoughts?

Skate Into Love was about young passionate college students chasing their dreams. Well, except for Tang Xue (Janice Wu) who was forced to take Veterinary Medicine as her course. She was once an athlete, a member of her school’s short track speed skating club until an accident during a competition which made her choose to give up.

Years after, she entered college with her best friends Liao Zhen Yu (Qin Tian Yu) and Xia Meng Huan (He Xuan Lin). There, he met her childhood deskmate, Li Yu Bing (Steven Zhang), who was labelled Bing Shen or Ice God in their university. He was well-known for his good looks and of course, his playing and game skills as the leader of the university’s Ice Hockey team.

From that point onward, Tang Xue slowly opened her eyes and came to a realization of what she really wanted for herself. Seeing Li Yu Bing passionately play in the ice rink knocked her senses and made her want to chase her own dream. But of course, it wasn’t easy at all. She needed support and boosting, she also had her parents to worry about. But her friends cheered for her, they helped pave the way in achieving what she once thought was impossible – to get back on ice.

What I liked about the series?

I did it on purpose, not giving away all the good and heartwarming stuff because maybe a part me was hoping you would try and watch it too? 🙂 There’s just a bunch of things that I came to like while watching Skate Into Love. Sooo~

First off, the actors. They really wowed me. I was in awe watching every scene on ice with the thought “was it really them?” hanging in my mind and remained unanswered until I finished all the episodes and went hunting for behind the scenes. I would describe their acting as natural. It’s like you’re a college student casually walking past by them, seeing them, hearing them – just like how college students typically were. Steven and Janice did a really good job on this one. Their words and actions pierced right through my heart. 😥

Steven on the other hand, held a college diploma for Chinese Opera which, according to my dongsaeng, was the reason why the way he acted seemed so professional and natural. Like in this scene, look at how his facial expression progressed. Bonus: he sings and plays the piano well too!

Usually, Chinese dramas are dubbed to improve noise cancellation and proper standard pronunciation (Mandarin). Sometimes the actor would dub himself, sometimes not. But for this one, they used their own voices. There were scenes in particular where even their voice acting exceeded expectations. You know that sense of feeling the person’s anger, sadness, and pain whilst listening to their voice as they spoke? I felt that and it felt real. Ang sakit.

I have nothing but praises to give the actors who made this series a success. Not to mention the months of training they underwent to make the scenes breathtakingly real. /claps/

Second, the story and side stories. Being a romance comedy, like any other series out there, it gives the same giddy feels to the viewers. But the first episodes of Skate Into Love focused more on the characters’ lives which meant their dreams and their professions, something to be taken seriously of since it’s about their future. The story actually emphasized more on each character’s struggles, pain, fears, and passion more than the love story itself.

The romantic part gradually appeared somewhere at the middle, with a normal progress I should say. I’m not sure if this may seem unrealistic to some but the message conveyed, or the message I received rather, spoke of selfless love. The way the story developed and adding how the actors portrayed the roles somehow met with my idea of selfless love; especially with Zhen Yu and Meng Huan’s love story. :’) The guy was continuously giving and exerting effort as a way to show his love and it was very moving for me. Oh and not only did the students have love interests, but the coaches as well. ♥

Third, the story also focused on family and friendship. I think it’s quite normal for families to have arguments and disagreements, right? In this series, Tang Xue and her cousin Zhou Ran (Chu Yue) attended the same university. Zhou Ran disliked Tang Xue for always stealing the limelight during their childhood, thus, making her college life somewhat troublesome. Tang Xue had a close relationship with her parents, until she kept something really important from them. We all make mistakes, and Tang Xue made one mistake which made her father furious to the extent that he had to travel from their hometown down to where Tang Xue attended college.

This part showed the fears and worries parents have for their children. At first we get to only see one point to be considered, and that was me siding with Tang Xue, until I heard what her father had to say. Believe me, I bawled my eyes crying at this part because her father only wanted what’s best and safe for her.

Tang Xue and Li Yu Bing just have the best friends ever who would wholeheartedly look after them through ups and downs. I admire how sturdy the foundation and bond of their friendships were, and, not to mention, how it was formed. 🙂

Fourth, what’s a series without quotable quotes? 🙂 Here let me share some of  the quotes that moved me I had to screenshot and share them through this post. I may have passed that expected age where young teens strive and dream, but then I question myself, is it really too late to dream?

Last, but not the least… the soundtrack! I love the songs from this series. Some of the songs are heartbreaking, like when you hear it, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, it will bring sadness into your heart. 😦

My personal favorite are Steven’s A Ray of Hope because of the song’s meaning which actually tells you to go for your dream. I liked the song too because Steven’s voice was so rich and powerful, as expected from an opera actor. *o* and hearing him singing made me want to sing too, like sing well and correctly, not just casually sing. 🙂

Another favorite is Land of Ice and Snow, performed by none other than one of the story’s actress, He Xuan Lin. I loved how her voice sound cold and relaxed. I also found it challenging to sing because of the curls? I don’t know what you call them but it’s progressing from one note to another in a short span of time. I’m now able to sing it well and properly, thanks to casual singing in the shower. 😀

Sorry it’s in Chinese TT

Would you re-watch? A BIG YES!

So there you have it, my review of Skate Into Love. It’s really a good watch, it’s a hidden gem. Even I didn’t expect to like it this much, to the point of writing about it and sharing to the world. You can relate with the characters and part of the stories, but I think what brings us together is the common yearning to dream.

“Make your passion your profession.”