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Samgyupsalamat: Yet Another Samgyup Escapade

Hello! I’m back with my samgyup escapade and it’s already making me think that readers are getting sick of it. 😀

This time, we visited a Korean BBQ house located near my place – somewhere in Makati to be exact. 😊

Samgyupsalamat Makati Cinema Square branch has been there for like two years or so, and it was only last March 1, Sunday, that I was able to visit. I remember trying Samgyupsalamat Vito Cruz branch, the one beside the fried chicken house but I think they already moved to a new place. I can’t really remember “the” experience, except for the fact that they use coal in cooking. 😊

So! I went there with my friend, to the Makati Cinema Square branch at around 3 in the afternoon. It was a full house, given it’s a weekend and yes, payday. We had our names listed and it didn’t really take long before we could settle in. We were welcomed by EXO by the way performing Love Shot, having that big TV screen mounted to the wall playing HD music videos of your favorite K-POP groups is a PLUS PLUS PLUS!

Like other bbq houses, this one also offers an unlimited dining where you get unlimited side dishes and meat! I was really craving for samgyupsal I insisted we meet that day and eat out. 😀

Photo from Samgyupsalamat Facebook Page

Being the samgyupsal enthusiast I am, I decided to go for seasoned meat first, not the marinated ones because they have the tendency to make me feel full. Remember? The tastier the meat you consume, the more water you would want to consume in between to wash off the flavors? 😀

We were served with A LOT of side dishes before they filled the table with the coal and grill. I was surprised to see the amount of side dishes, and, to see the side dishes themselves. At other Korean bbq houses, they don’t usually offer japchae and egg as part of it but here… TADA! What you see in the photo is what you get, oh, except for the rice. You have to order from the friendly staffs. 😉

I was the official cook, as always, because I formed the habit of cooking. I love cooking. ♥

I know that some marinades all taste the same, but somehow, eating here made me feel really ecstatic; especially when I ordered Bul-jib, the thick cut pork meat, literally the samgyupsal I’ve known. I even borrowed scissors because I wanted to cut them even if they were already tender after grilling.

Their marinades were so excellent we had to order another serving of their yangnyum and gochujang. Oops, not just “another,” but MORE. ♥

I can’t remember how many servings we were able to consume but I know it was a lot. The staffs were approachable too, the serving time wasn’t long, they serve you what you order real-time, the music coming from the big TV screen was a PLUS… It’s just the grill and meat MAY get burned easily since coal is being used to cook them? 😊

I really didn’t expect to fall in love with Samgyupsalamat, but now that I have, I will definitely be coming back. ♥

Hwangso Ga: Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar new year, also commonly known as Chinese New Year, is widely celebrated by other Asian countries as well – Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and etc. The only difference is how they call it. But mostly they refer to it as new year, like how they refer to the standard and usual new year, January 1st.

So, how do we celebrate the Lunar new year? We celebrate it with our family, our loved ones, our friends, sharing delicious dishes in one table, one gathering, one celebration. People usually prepare certain dishes in order to celebrate the new year, and which of them has meanings attached to them. 😉

Like for instance, here in PH, when you say Chinese new year, people will automatically associate it with Tikoy or rice cake. Just like how it tastes and its sticky texture, it is said to bring the family closer together (sticky) and bond with lots of sweetness (sweet taste) during the current year. It’s like a wish and a belief that eating the said delicacy will bring the family a strong bond.

In Korea, they usually prepare tteokguk or rice cake soup. The same ingredient, only that the rice cake used here is not very sweet like our Tikoy. 😊

Since it’s the new year, I scheduled a date with my long close college friend. The last time we went out to see each other was… 2 years ago? So I asked to meet with her, and yes because we’re celebrating the new year, we opted for something delicious and… Korean. (Because we’re both Korean drama and music enthusiasts).

We went to the nearest yet most delicious buffet I’ve ever been to.

Hwangso-Ga, located at 1535-1551 M. Adriatico St, Ermita, Manila, just right beside Robinson’s Place Manila, is one of my favorite Korean buffet restaurants. Not only do they offer neatly cut meat, the side dishes are superb and tasty as well. The restaurant’s service is a plus too, thanks to the friendly staffs who accommodate customers. 😊

Since it’s a buffet, yay, it’s an eat-all-you-can with unlimited beef and pork! The meat were cut nicely, with the pork cut like how they should be cut. I mean, with other Korean barbecue houses, the cuts of the pork and beef are the same, sometimes it’s confusing to know which is which, but if you’re a fan of samgyupsal, you’ll eventually know the difference.

With the price of Php499, you get to enjoy these delicious delicacies, UNLIMITEDLY! 😊 PS: no service charge! You can also buy add-ons like softdrinks and… drum roll… soju! 😊

This restaurant has always been a favorite, and I will always, always come back to eat with friends and family. ♥

Also, just a TMI; Korean boy group BTS once ate here after their The Red Bullet in Manila concert held last December 7, 2014. 😉