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Nature Republic Limited Edition EXO Lip Tints: Fresh from the Mail!

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I came across a random photo of a fellow Chanyeol fan wearing the latest limited-edition EXO lip tint from Nature Republic in picnic peach shade (Chanyeol’s shade!). She was holding the lip tint itself, as well as the scented photocard that comes along as a freebie when you buy the lip tint as she smiled and showed how the shade looked on her.

I didn’t really plan to buy since it’s quite pricey and I still have my lip tints with me but seeing the actual shade on her made me think otherwise. “Eh, it would look good on me” I thought, and this mere thought won me over. I wore pink shades too, aside from red and eventually decided on buying one for myself because… why not? 😊 happy birthday to me!

The lip tint comes in 3 shades – Very Berry (red), Picnic Peach (pink), and Oh! Orange (orange). It’s priced at Php645 and comes with a scented photocard as freebie. The tints are also wearing cute beanies, maybe because they were released last winter in South Korea. 😊

Very Berry – Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun

Picnic Peach – D.O., Chanyeol, Chen

Oh! Orange – Suho, Xiumin

I had mine ordered last Saturday night and thought it would come in by Monday. Yep I’m that excited! The parcel came in today though, Tuesday, which is quick enough – processing, preparing, packing, shipping, and delivery done within 3 days is actually very commendable despite the volume of orders and deliveries Lazada has. Not to mention the superb packaging done! They made sure to protect the photocard from being crumpled and I was so happy seeing it wrapped between two cardboard cutouts sealed with bubble wrap and tape. /claps for Lazada team/ 😊

Okay so I bought the lip tint online, without knowing its texture nor did I read reviews about it. In branches you can try the testers to see if it’s to your liking but shopping online… 😊 I wasn’t really expecting to like it at first, I actually thought it was either a gel type or just something really thick and heavy… something I don’t really like.

But to my surprise, when I opened it, the mixture was… light and watery! Its texture is somewhat similar to Tony Moly’s Delight Tony Tint, but better. This one from Nature Republic blends with your lips right away and also gives a sweet scent.

As for the photocard, yes, it’s really scented. I’m not good at describing scents but I do think it gives off a floral scent. 😊 Look how handsome bb is! ♥

I suddenly remembered the cashier back at Ayala Malls branch, informing me ahead that they’d be selling these lip tints. I even guessed the price, I remember saying it’s going to be around Php545? Then she corrected me, saying that it’s Php645, since signatures of the members were printed at the photocard.

I was like meh, I’m not going to buy anyway, why bother. But here I am now, rocking this pink lip tint! 😊

The lip tints are still available at Nature Republic branches and Lazada, maybe until supplies last. Hurry! Because this is limited! ♥

Journey to Nature Republic with EXO in Manila

Last January 6, Nature Republic Philippines Facebook page posted a short video clip that caught the attention of many; most especially, PH EXO-Ls. Alongside this were rumored flight schedules of (4) EXO members circulating on Twitter a few days after this so-called teaser was posted. These got fans thinking and stoked, wondering if the boys were really coming to PH for a possible fan meeting on February 22, 2020.

Nature Republic, a Korean brand of cosmetics and skin care products made its debut in the Philippines in 2011. With its very first branch opened at Festival Supermall in Alabang, the flagship outlet was quickly followed by branches in SM North Edsa, SM City Fairview and so on.

EXO became Nature Republic’s brand ambassadors in 2012. They successfully endorsed the prestigious brand and with no doubt, contributed a lot to its publicity. It was also a time when K-pop was being welcomed well in the Philippines, so fans couldn’t help but instinctively associate EXO with Nature Republic. Some fans even went to branches to check their products and have their photos taken with EXO members’ standees and posters, and I was one of those fans. 😊

With its slogan “Journey to Nature,” Nature Republic is well-known for using natural ingredients and herbs in processing their products.

“Consider some of its precious ingredients, as stated in its tagline, from earth: medicinal plants and healing flowers, seawater from around the world, used as prescriptions from ancient times based on natural concepts and as Mother Nature intended, processed and formulated through modern technology. Ingredients such as: blue lagoon water from Polynesia; glacial water from the Alps; deep sea water from Greenland; ocean area pine tree from France; Hawaiian hibiscus; Madagascar butdelria; Morocco monoi; gold caviar; North American kawai; and other similarly exotic and efficacious extracts and substances.”

– Philstar Global, Nature Republic is in the Philippines!

January 10, Nature Republic Philippines announced on their Facebook page the “chance to see your faves up-close. They even stated to save the date February 22, 2020, finally confirming that some of the EXO members were coming for an event.

With the hype of possibly seeing the EXO members up-close, Nature Republic successfully opened its 23rd branch at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay, located at Parañaque last 24th of January. A lot were in store for fans who would come to the opening day, with freebies varying from posters, postcards and photocards, waiting to be given away when you buy products from the store. A chance to win free tickets for the event was also up for grabs through a raffle draw at the said branch when your purchase products for a minimum amount of Php500.

Photo not mine

A real pain in the heart, with all the happiness and expectations fans were feeling, a virus outbreak occured in Wuhan, China, causing a lot of its people to fall sick and dead with NCoV (novel coronavirus). Travelling around was inevitable, most especially with the news being kept and not made public to the world at first, it was possible for the virus to spread even outside of the country. The virus had quickly spread to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Korea and sadly, even the Philippines.

Causing quite an uproar and panic to Filipinos, fans started to request the cancellation of the fan party, in fear of getting infected by both PH and international fans who would be attending the said event and also for everyone’s safety. Fans kept posting on Nature Republic’s Facebook page and comments section, asking them to consider cancelling the fan party.

Nature Republic heard the fans and acted at once. At first, they posted their stance with regards to the issue, saying that the fan meeting would still push through, and that they would be posting the ticketing mechanics in the next few days. But after 2 days, they posted an update stating that they were carefully monitoring the situation, thus delaying the mechanics.

Some fans were enraged, while some were still hoping. It was like a battle, voicing out one’s opinions, with both sides being criticized. But a lot wasn’t known about the virus just yet, doctors and frontline health workers were carefully observing and monitoring progress to ensure that PUIs (patient under investigation) were being well taken care of.

After much deliberation and waiting, Nature Republic eventually announced the cancellation of the fan party, considering the increasing number of PUIs in the Philippines and 2 confirmed cases in NCR.

Fans were rejoicing having heard the cancellation. They didn’t want to risk the health of the artists, as well as theirs. But some fans were also sad, it was a chance to see the boys, but what choice did they have, given these circumstances?

Journey to the Nature Republic in Manila with EXO, scheduled to happen this February 22, 2020 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds was supposedly today. Some fans may have already forgotten about the event, some may have already moved on, but I’m sure somewhere out there, some fans are silently wishing for the event to have just pushed through.

As an EXO-L, and to mend this broken heart, I decided to visit Nature Republic Ayala Malls Manila Bay branch to see the standees. Yes, I sometimes visit branches not only to buy products, but also to see them standees. 🙈 I even sent a message to the page yesterday, to confirm if the standees were still there. I was given YES as an answer, so I was really EXPECTING to see the complete standees but…

The standees were nowhere to be found 😦

The disappointment somehow doubled, I guess. I admit that my main intention was to see the standees, because 6 members were supposedly displayed at this branch, but according to the ates / staffs, they were already given away to the raffle winners. So… I just bought my serum and facial wash. 😦

It was supposed to happen today, but it didn’t. What’s important is that we’re all safe and healthy, hopefully. 🙂 Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly and take vitamins to boost your immune system, the best way to conquer any kind of virus! 😉

As of this writing, sharing with you an update from DOH Philippines! 😊